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    Khiwanean in a nutshell<br />
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    • I am a recent college graduate in the IT field. I've dabbled in plenty of different programming languages, but my degree focuses more on the design of information systems.<br />
    • I am a cat person. Two live with my parents (Dusty and Laura). User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.My boyfriend's cat seems to think I'm his mommy. (That's Neko, the tomcat in question, to the right.) I will someday get around to posting a picture of my own kitty, Fae, despite the fact that everyone who's met her wants to steal her from me.<br />
    • I am a casual gamer. I hardly ever finish games that a start. <br />
    • I lurk A LOT. I have way too much of a filter to type out most of what I think while browsing the internet.<br />
    • I typically test as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator INFP, scoring least neutrally in the Judging-Perceiving dichotomy and most neutrally in the Thinking-Feeling dichotomy.<br />
    • I'm shy, but it doesn't show much around the right people.<br />
    • The boyfriend and I have been together for six years<br />
    • I don't dress out of the ordinary despite my love for corsets, tasteful arm warmers and various other things that make my fashion taste eclectic. (I don't have the money, time or 1337 sewing skills)<br />
    • I also like a lot of dresses and skirts, but I almost never wear them since I don't sit like a normal person and I don't fancy flashing people.<br />
    • I wear glasses, though I'm not legally required to do so in order to drive.<br />
    • I think too much and worry too much and don't eat as much as I should.<br />
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