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  • Artist Info: Welcome to the profile of L o v e T o x i c K is s; Formerly: femalewolfdemonsrock, xXKittenRoseXx, and xXxToxicRosesxXx. You have now entered your doom.<br />
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    L o v e T o x i c K i s s<br />
    ♪Born: March 20<br />
    ♪Fav Color: Black<br />
    ♪Least Fav Color: Pink<br />
    ♪Fav Number: 7<br />
    ♪Pet's: My three dogs Annabelle, Shaka, Grizzly<br />
    ♪Least Fav Person: My enemy Madi<br />
    ♪Me-ness: Wasabai ! I;m the one and only Keiko Elizabeth Lee ! I get called Kitty most times by my friends. I love to listen to music, make new friends and take pictures. I'm shy but once I get to know yu I come out of my shell. I love my bf Dylan, he makes me so happy, and everytime I think of him my heart skips a beat, even though my other moms ex-bf wants to kill him, I;m one of the few things keeping him from killing him smile Uh... Whut else.... Well ya know I give up I;m lazy, there are pictures of me below smile ) My original username was:femalewolfdemonsrock; previously: xXKittenRoseXx; my current previous username was: xXxToxicRosesxXx. I'm very obsessed with Patrick from Spongebob. Wumbo!!
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    ♥Black<br />
    ♥Purple<br />
    ♥Snowboarding<br />
    ♥Soccer<br />
    ♥Volleyball<br />
    ♥Music<br />
    ♥My Chemical Romance<br />
    ♥Flyleaf<br />
    ♥Three Day's Grace<br />
    ♥Paramore<br />
    ♥Energy Drinks<br />
    ♥Nail Polish smell<br />
    ♥Anything sour<br />
    ♥Dogs<br />
    ♥Patrick Star
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ˟Skateboarding<br />
    ˟Cats<br />
    ˟Pink<br />
    ˟Jerks<br />
    ˟Noobs<br />
    ˟Milk<br />
    ˟Heat<br />
    ˟Sunlight<br />
    ˟Meanies<br />
    ˟Most sweet things<br />
    ˟Girly stuff<br />
    ˟Being bored<br />
    ˟Evil people
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    User Image<br />
    User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image<br />
    ♫current songs I;m obsessed with:: I'm Awesome by Spose; Dinosaur&&Take it off by Ke$ha; Caribou Lou by Tech N9ne; I'm on a Boat by The Lonely Island; I am NOT a Whore by LMAO; Downfall of Us All by A Day To Remember; Bad Girlfriend by Theory of A Deadman; The Artist in the Ambulance by Thrice(Number two !!); Ben Has a Kid by The Devil Wears Prada(Number one !); Chop Suey&&Cigaro by System of a Down; The Catalyst&No More Sorrow&&Crawling by Linkin Park; Know Your Enemy&&21 Guns&Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day; I'm Goin' In&&Drop It Low(remix) by&&featuring Lil' Wayne.
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