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    Hello my name is Demonia Draconis, if you were to ask my occupation I will tell you that I am the Queen of Hell my current age (Present day timeline) is 195,000 but I look 25.<br />
    I can be cold and ruthless but I have a kind side from time to time, if you can catch me after a fight I am much calmer and can be very flirtatious. I have three children, two daughters and one son, my eldest daughter’s name is Duanna (her father was my first husband), my second daughter’s (the middle child) name is Lilith (her father is demon hunter), and my son’s (the youngest) name is Nova (the son of a dog demon). Some immortals look down on me since I go into a slumber every 300 years and live as a human until my mortal life ends. In the times as a human I have had lower demons serve me.<br />
    I normally have a cold personality since her first love considered me dead after he found out that I the daughter to the king that had banished them to darker and more dangerous lands of Hell. My second love was a demon hunter that stayed with me till our daughter was born then he went into hiding after taking her, I eventually found him and killed him but our daughter Lilith was fifteen and already had a deep hatred for me so this only caused me to become colder and more hateful. As for the third man that I had a relationship with was merely to have a strong child. I still have some hope that I may find true love and a king to help me rule my kingdom.
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