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  • Artist Info: Hey everyone. Usually I'd start with my name but I'd rather tell you when we start talking.<br />
    <br />
    For now I will say that I am 23 years old and graduated from York University with a BA in Theatre Studies. Currently I am putting my degree to work by being back in retail. I worked in a call centre for a year before finally moving back and I couldn't be happier in my decision. I still wish it was in my field but I'll have to move to have a chance for that. For now I'm simply trying to get back on my feet and to a place where I'm happy and my mental health is stable. <br />
    <br />
    I find a great deal of joy in the arts (obviously, having studied theatre). I love to write, drawn, sing, dance, perform, and I even play the guitar and piano just to name a few though I find very little time to indulge in them on a regular basis. I also enjoy gaming (I am a PC gamer) and have played in multiple D&D campaigns (5th edition). In case you're wondering, bard is probably my favourite though I do have a strong liking for rangers and rogues. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Random facts:<br />
    - I'm bilingual (French and English)<br />
    - I have 6 dogs (3 at home, 4 at my grandmothers. Yes, they're technically hers and not mine but they're still my babies)<br />
    - I'm a massive nerd and have been reading things like Shakespeare since I was 7<br />
    - Reading in general is a favourite passtime<br />
    - I love musicals<br />
    - Language is very important to me. Spelling, word choice, structure, images, all of these and more make language beautiful.<br />
    - I'm bilingual and speak English and French fluently. I'm also in the process of learning Welsh and plan on learning Spanish and Russian in the future.
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