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  • Artist Info: OK well, here is some detail about me:<br />
    My best friends name is Krista. I liked when we hung around in Mrs.Plourds room during lunch, Being at the cottage i think that has to be my most favoite spot on earth there are no bright lights rushing cars just the water, the sky, and me. Camping, dont know how to decribe it ahmazing being with my friends, the little lizards, blueberry island, the moist smelly cabins that we sleep in, kiyacking, smell of pine, and the sinking cots! that just seems to sum it up*<br />
    i am now 16 17 in feb. 2011 :]<br />
    I have a boyfrann named Codyy<br />
    I dont give out my picture so the one on my profie is all u get :]<br />
    <br />
    loves&lt;3<br />
    the moon<br />
    Wendy's chili<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    my likes :3 <br />
    animals <br />
    really sunny days when the sky is bright blue <br />
    ramen! <br />
    stars <br />
    night time <br />
    decorating things <br />
    the color red, purple, green <br />
    my friends<br />
    christmas <br />
    wind<br />
    pillows <br />
    root beer <br />
    making cookies <br />
    chocowhip! ha ha krista and alicia<br />
    camping <br />
    <br />
    dislikes :[ <br />
    wind burn<br />
    being sick :[<br />
    mathematics <br />
    messy rooms <br />
    gray skies <br />
    untidy people <br />
    not being able to sleep <br />
    overly obnoxious people <br />
    cookies that taste like a, a...butt....<br />
    Cream Cheease Frosting XP<br />
    not getting things done
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