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  • Artist Info: hey! everyone knows me by tay! unless you know me f'real then yeah. im random and can be loud. im 17 and trying to live my life. i like to laugh and joke =] if you want to know more bout me..just like come find me and we'll chat. i like talking and just having fun. there's a lot more about me but it would be to long so yeah pm me or watever. k peace. <br />
    (P.S) personal question kinda freak me out if i dont know you so kinda try not to ask me questions that seem to pry in my life =] oh and no asking me out okay...got a REAL boyfriend dont need a virtual one,hun. <br />
    ;] kay byeez!<br />
    sorry i keep rmemebering stuff (PSS) i dont take shit.period.<br />
    promise this is tha last thing until i figure sumthin else to say!<br />
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