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  • Artist Info: In a distant land a long, long time ago before Earth was inhabited by any species. There was a group of creatures called Fleebles. These creatures were tiny scaly type beings with short legs. Their only goal was to keep themselves fed. They weren’t all like that though. Among the billions of selfish cold hearted beings, there was one who could feel. This one’s name was Sam. Many people might feel like having emotions are a good thing, but in a heart less world Sam felt cold and alone. Sam was an outcast you see. He couldn’t relate to anyone else around him, so he kept to himself and tried to fit in as best as he could. One cold and windy afternoon as Sam was wondering the forest trying to keep himself amused. He ran into a much older Fleeble. He avoided eye contact with it and tried to continue on his way but to his surprise the older Fleeble blocked his path. “What are you doing here all by yourself?” It asked. “I was just looking for something to eat” Sam replied. The older one wouldn’t be convinced so easily though. “Why don’t we look for something to eat together then?” Sam silently complied and they both headed off into the deeper part of the forest in search of food. As they made their way farther and farther into the tangled brush, the older one started to cry. “I can’t continue living like this!” it moaned in a raspy voice. It seems as though Sam has finally met someone like himself. “What’s wrong?” Sam asked with a concealed grin on his face. “I feel so alone in this world” the older one whimpered. “Why don’t we stay together then, I’m just like you” Sam said desperately. “That’s perfect, Come deeper in the forest with me and we can start a new life together” the older one exclaimed with excitement. That was the happiest moment of Sam’s entire pathetic life. Sam and the older one walked side by side deeper into the forest until the braches and leaves got so thick no light would shine through. Sam soon became lost in the eerie darkness. He heard the older one calling “Where are you? Come closer, I need to tell you something” Sam followed the voice until he was face to face with the older one, Sam could feel its breath he was so close. “I think I lo-“ *CHOMP*. The forest became full of bone shattering shrieks. Later that day, the older one returned from the forest, belly full.<br />
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