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    WARNING! <br />
    I do not accept random friend requests! Get to know me and talk to me first.<br />
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    My name is Mellissa.<br />
    I'm a girl.<br />
    I'm Portuguese and Norwegian. <br />
    I'm straight,<br />
    and happily taken.<br />
    Live up in Alaska.<br />
    Love Disneyland.<br />
    Love my friends.<br />
    And LOVE roleplaying. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I'm an RP fanatic! Writing is one of my many favorites, and RP-ing helps me accomplish that. If you need people to RP, or just looking for a parent, don't hesitate to ask. I definitely enjoy RP-ing with 'The Feeling Is Gone', 'Sandalphon', and 'Dream Captive'. They are excellent RP-ers and I am glad to say that I have long terms RP's with each of them.<br />
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