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  • Artist Info: Name:Syien Hoshiba<br />
    Age:21<br />
    Hieght:5'11<br />
    Wieght:don't know<br />
    Squad:2nd<br />
    Rank:Captain<br />
    <br />
    Zanpakuto/<br />
    Kagetora (Emperor of shadows)<br />
    bankai realesed form(Lord of all Darkness)<br />
    Bankai Power:Shadow Fire<br />
    Special Attack:Flame Cloak Slash<br />
    <br />
    Interesting abilities:<br />
    has a demon dwelling within but not yet knows how to control it.<br />
    So he trys not to fight to much<br />
    <br />
    History:<br />
    Being born into a poor family in the Eastern Roukon District Syien and his twin brother Syjin have always dreamt of becoming skilled Soul Reapers to support for their parents. Since the age of 7 the two have always have trained together But during one of their training exercises the two discovered a cave, being two adventuring youngsters they enter the cave. after entering the cave the two to decided to continue their training, while training they see a gigantic glowing rock and they crush the rock releasing an evil demon. The demon does not reveal his name but tells them that he can great them great power if they allow him to dwell within their bodies. The brothers dreams and ambitions clouded their judgement and without thought....agreed. after agreeing to the deal with the demon the two returned home. As the week went on the brothers felt their power growing. But one day while training the brothers lost control of the demons powers and the demon took over their bodies while Syien tried his best to regain control Syjin was cunsomed in the power he's been granted. The demon controling Syjin gained complete control over Syjin and destroyed the village and everyone in it even his parents, while Syjin desroyed his village and everyone in it Syien had passed out in pain. For weeks Syien sleped until he finally awoke to the rumage of his beloved village. with no where to live he decided to turn to the Soul Society. He arrived at the Soul Society when he was 14 years old, upon his arrival the first person he meet was the current squad 2 captian the captian could since his eregular spirt presure and decided to take Syien into his home to help him learn to harness Syien's power. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    7 Years later Syien is now the captian of squad two after the previous captian was killed by an Arrancar, now more powerful then ever Syien is now searching for the killer of his teacher and is also searching for his long lost brother who Syien knows is still alive. Other than the lossing his brother and the death of his parents Syien has achieved his dreams of becoming an elite soul reaper. Being a prodigy Syien was top in soul reaper acadamy, his parents would be proud.<br />
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