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    <br />
    Hello! I'm Ian. I'm nineteen years old and I, for the most part, enjoy the following things: <br />
    <br />
    -Acting for the masses-<br />
    -Eating Trolli's Sour Gummi Worms-<br />
    -Discussing pop culture-<br />
    -Being an anime fan-<br />
    -Watching the L.A. Kings whenever a game is on-<br />
    -Spending time with family and friends-<br />
    -Watching/participating in theater-<br />
    -Those yummy burritos we get at Costco (which they stopped stocking...*tear*)-<br />
    -Faking accents-<br />
    -Solving puzzles of all kinds-<br />
    -Playing my sister's pink acoustic guitar-<br />
    -Dabbling in Greek mythology-<br />
    -Shuffling through songs on my Sony Walkman-<br />
    -Killing time on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion-<br />
    -Tossing Wild Berry Skittles up in the air and catching them in my mouth-<br />
    -Rigging the settings on the piano so I can pretend I'm a musical prodigy-<br />
    -Exercising till I collapse from exhaustion-<br />
    -Drowning most things I eat in Cholula hot sauce-<br />
    -Pretending the tub is a swimming pool until we get the real one built-<br />
    -Napping with my dog, Liam-<br />
    -Obsessing over those cocktease cliffhangers on Heroes-<br />
    -Films that are actually good-<br />
    -Reading books of all sorts-<br />
    -Going to the movies and coming back home disappointed because your brother wanted to see X-Files 2 instead of The Dark Knight-<br />
    -Life- <br />
    <br />
    I am definitely not like anyone you know.
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