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  • Artist Info: Im 14 I live in Dorr, Michigan i have two bros ans one sis, i live with my mom and older brother,i love football,and listening to music, i like rping.I am a very laid back person, unless im with my good friends theen im happy and hyper. i could care less what other people think. im 6'0 tall and very beef, I can bench 285 i like to work out. But the thing im always doing is listening to my music. My fav bands are: Black label Society,Disturbed,Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Godsmack, Creed, Staind, Nightwish, Static x, Stone Sour, Seether, Flyleaf, Theory of a Dead Man, Faber drive , Bullet for My Valentine, Suicide Silence, Audio Slave, etc<br />
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    My R.P.C name is Darkfire which was givin to me when i was a vampire slave, then being bought into a clan of assasins that trained me to be the best then when i was about 30 in human years but probily but ive been around for about 2 centuries and the hole clan was wiped out besides me, but i took my profession and kept goin ive made many friends and watched them die, ive been in every war ive came,ive saw, and i conqured but i still have alot of challanges ahead, my brother is now by my side and trying to keep my human lover alive is a challange but i go whith it everyday and will soon bring my clan back, my R.P.C is 6'4 i way 280 and i am a big mother fucker but if you have caught me in my job you are already dead. I may be big but i am always unseen unless i want other wise. My weapons consist of a sniper rifle semi auto, and my blade on my back i wear a long coat and always wear shit kickers i have long black hair and dark black eyes i am a pyro but also mess with minds. i live to kill and nothing more and i will die when i am ment to.<br />
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