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  • Artist Info: Hallo people^^<br />
    Names Rin-chan,<br />
    got jack to describe myself with...<br />
    'cept the whole [Vincent = ZETTAI AI!!!] thing...*slaps self in the face* an idiotic obsession I know...<br />
    My opinion, you're not alive if you don't have at least one of them razz <br />
    [other things...<br />
    [yus finally got my reno tail!<br />
    [and so does my avi!<br />
    [my hair's now a Reno/Yuffie/Kadaj combo...<br />
    [OMG my omnomnom hat cameXD<br />
    [OHMYFUCKINGGOD!!!got a corkscrew in my ear!!!Darryl I love you man! ! !
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