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  • Artist Info: For starters, my name is Kat, short for Kathryn. I'm 14. Everyone thinks I'm gothic cause I wear black all the time, but I'm NOT! I love playing outside and being with animals...Though I don't seem to be outside as much as I used to. &gt;.&gt;<br />
    I'm a vegetarian canable. Mwahahaha!! &gt;_&lt;<br />
    I play the flute and wish I could play the guitar and bass. Oh well.<br />
    I know how to turn and balance on a skateboard, but I wanna learn how to do tricks too!<br />
    I love art, so if you have any you wanna share, gimme! <br />
    I'm very random and love to have fun conversations. <br />
    All my friends think I'm a crazy psychopath who's gonna destroy the world. Maybe I will, maybe I won't...They'll never know!<br />
    My code name is Squishy. <br />
    The world shall be mine!!!!! <br />
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