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  • Artist Info: Hey, wazzup! Lychan here.<br />
    I want to apologize for my english if its bad. I'm from Guatemala. <br />
    I know it's kinda weird a girl has a male avatar... well, I shall explain:<br />
    1. Mihail is the main (male) character for the next generation of... ahm... a game my siblings and I play n_nU<br />
    2. I wanted to try a male character (I got bored from Ylash, she was also a character from the... ahm... game we play n_nU. She got old and already passed away anyways T-T)<br />
    3. I wanted to see how Mihail looked before drawing him (yes, I draw my characters) X3 And I love it! XP<br />
    <br />
    Well... I think I don't need to give more reasons...<br />
    <br />
    About Mihail:<br />
    Well, I hadn't get to know Mihail too much because he is my new character and this generation is still at the beginning, and the next is not even in the process... But he came to my mind and I didn't wanted to reject him because he seemed funny to me.<br />
    He sometimes acts like me, cause he is not defined completely yet... but someday I'll fix him... So, enjoy him while he's in Gaia XD
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