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  • Artist Info: Hey ya all, i guess im suppose to talk about me, well here we go. I love drawing, anime, listening to music, hunting, camping, fishing, I live on a farm, and i love watching football, and other sports, i also love to play volleyball, soon to be lacrosse, and football. I am attending snow college right now, . My favorite anime is Fullmetal alchemist, my friends say that Ed is my tv husband because i love him so darn much.<br />
    I love things that sparkle and shine and i love clothes i have millions of cloths and shoes i lost count.^-^ My favorite colors are pink and purple. I love cooking and cleaning and making friends, i hate being mean to people.<br />
    I have a really big family, i grew up with 4 brothers and 2 sisters so plus me is 7 ( not that big lol) I also live on a farm. I like to snowboard, skateboard, hunt, fish, camping, watch football, and play sports, oh and text.<br />
    I hate it when people say the "f" word all the time, i completly hate it. I hate being yelled at and arguing with people, i also hate people that judge other people of what they do. I also hate annoying people that are in your face all the time.<br />
    I love animals, and food. I love going to disneyland and eat the ice cream and turkey legs mmmmmmmmm. I like guys that are down to earth and arent like holy mormon ( i am mormon by the way), also i like guys that are nice, outgoing, wont care if i wear makeup, will like my family, likes to hunt, fish, and camp, mostly a cowboy. I speak, read and write japanese. Speaking im still working on lol. Neko sighning off.
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