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    I'm Nami, the "fidget-midget-poet" and often the "Voice of Reason". Probably given these titles for me being ADHD and really short, a casual poet and a strong minded, moral-driven friend. Music, Poetry, and my religion are some of my greatest passions among my friends, who are more dear to me even then my family some times, and usually they are my family. It's my friends who gave me the title "Goddess of Water" and that's the title I hold dearest, not only because I love the water element and all that is of the water, but merely because it was they who gave it to me.<br />
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    I'm always willing to be a friend, and I'm open to Role Plays too. wink Online I usually am writing some new poem, playing AQW, or chatting with my friends. Offline, I'm also really interested in nature and art, (which somehow my arms and hands always turn out to be my canvas rather than the canvas itself). I do abstract art, mostly painting, but I don't usually post it online. Most the time, though, I'm out with my church group and my friends, having fun and making a difference. It's what I do.<br />
    <br />
    P.S. I love you Foh ;D
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