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  • Artist Info: alright, so im an artist, both traditional and digital. i took animation at school, but i prefer the creating the characters and stuff from the actual animating part. i prefer not to use existing characters in my work, but its sometimes hard to get views on original stuff so i break and draw fan art just for the views &gt;.&gt; i like attention, so sue me... i dont really do much in my spare time, i read draw and play video games, and even though i LOVE the outdoors, i rarely manage to get my butt off the chair to go do anything... i also recently got a nice Nikon camera and got really into photography<br />
    <br />
    also, i do commissions in case you're interested. i have some things on here, but most things you can view on my DA account: http://drowning-echoe.deviantart.com/
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