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    Hola Gaia. Me llamo ShiMusume! Amo el idioma espaƱol. Although I'm no pro at the language, I enjoy simply being around its influence. I have but one goal on Gaia and that is to have fun meeting new people while maintaining a fun avatar. If you come on my page, hit me up on a comment. I love meetin' new people.<br />
    <br />
    [[About Me]]<br />
    -My favorite band is hands down Sublime.<br />
    -Physically, I'm female.. long blonde poofy hair, green-eyed, 5'8'', average body type, cracker white.<br />
    -Clothing; 80% black/ 20% other various colors ~except pink!~<br />
    -Im the type of person who will literally talk about anything.<br />
    -Music is a hardcore influence in my life. It can sway my mood just like that.<br />
    -I'm by no means, "girly," so I've always leaned more towards, "tomboy."<br />
    -I judge by personality and honestly, I don't care for preppy class women or men whatsoever. Nor do I put up with that fake emo bullshit. If you are one of them, you might as well just f-u-c-k off right now &lt;3<br />
    -I absolutely love nature and anything that has to do with being outside. I like hiking, mountain biking, swimming, cliff jumping, and skiing to name a few activities.<br />
    -To pass the time I enjoy reading, writing, music, Guitar Hero and Gaia ~obviously lol~ <br />
    -Gaia is the only online game for me so don't even try imposing your other games. Ill just end up pissing you off trust me.<br />
    -My favorite color is black, favorite band is Sublime, favorite object is the mushroom, favorite animal is the shark.<br />
    -I love my friends and would do anything for them. That being said I choose my friends wisely and will no longer accept random friends requests. Have a chat and if I enjoy your company I welcome friendship with open arms.<br />
    -I stick tight to my family on the right. Don't fuck with em period.<br />
    -Sometimes I tektek or do ava art for my good friends ^ ^ If you're interested drop me a PM.<br />
    -If you like my avatar, please make me art? Much love for art!<br />
    -I'm not a punctuation/grammar Nazi, however, I do prefer legible writing, ya know?<br />
    -Some things I will not tolerate under any circumstances fyi; Racism, ignorance, prejudice, lying, begging, disrespect, and blunt stupidity.<br />
    --Any questions? Just hit me up via comment/PM.--<br />
    <br />
    heart Longest standing quest for 2 years, every ink counts heart <br />
    WHITE INK<br />
    <br />
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