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  • Artist Info: Hi there, name's _-0--Hikari--0-_, but call me Hikari or you'll end up typing my name out till your fingers fall off. I don't give out a real name to anyone but close personal friends, so don't ask. If I want you to know, you'll know.<br />
    I'm a 21 year-old University student living in Canada, so anyone who is on my friendlist and still checks in to see I'm alive can tell you that I don't do too much with Gaia anymore. I mainly come on now because I like to create different avatar outfits, and I also enjoy looking at and commenting on the different pieces of art I see in the forums. Nevertheless, I do enjoy an intelligent chat, and I'm open to debates on the condition the people I'm debating with aren't morons. ..<br />
    <br />
    Speaking of morons... if you're in my profile reading this because you're some snivelling little pixel beggar looking for handouts, who happened across me in the marketplace, I'll tell you simply: Don't Bother. It's not going to happen and will more likely result in me opening a jar of internet rage on your mentally defunct person. Begging is not haggling-- which I am open to-- and I hope you're bright enough to note the differences before you message me.
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