• “Wait! I will do anything you say! Give me one more chance!” tears flowed down a nearby rock and a voice amplified through the ground, giving warning to nearby strangers. The previous movements that had occurred began to disrupt the perfect posture of the grass.

    To who the voice was, speaking no one replied. Although the quick shift of a foot made the horrific voice screech into the vague air.

    “What are you doing?” The voice shrieked as it tried to ramble out those words. “Oh my god! No!”

    The foot shifted uncomfortably again listening for another sound, but there was none to be heard. The foot stepped to the side of the man in its leather casing and stood still. It watched as a cherry blossom petal fell to comfort the fallen voice. Tonight it would whisk that dead soul away to float into another life.

    The foot turned on the grass stepping lightly to avoid the stained markings it had aided to create. The foot stopped and waited to hear a partner crunch the grass. Therefore, it did, but there was another sound not made known. The blood that ran through the feet thickened as it made way through the veins.

    “Over there!” voices ran with the foggy air.

    The foot told its partner to move and to send warning to the hands. The message ran through the veins and into the palm, spreading like fire into each finger. Each finger tightened around a cold metal object and sent the response throughout the body.

    The ears heard word, but were too distracted with the sound of grinding metal upon metal. They twitched each time a scream, shriek, or yelp received back. Their job was the hardest for each time an echo soaked into their flesh recpetors relaying back the message of death.

    A spark went through to the clouded core and it waited in deep thought.

    “Jania!” an outside message relayed through the ears came to the above thought.

    It transmitted back with commands; the fingers to grip, the feet to jump, and the body not to waver. The arms made slashing motions as it followed its directions trying to keep up with the rest of their comrades. ‘Haste’ a threatening whisper issued.

    The whole body down to the rotten core inside felt a tear and pull as each individual part melted together. They fused to create one enormous being that could move as quickly as lightning.

    Grotesque pains, screams, and finally an impotent stench accompanied what had formerly been.

    A damp sensation made itself known on the cheek. Each red particle dove deep inside the skin, squirming about making sure that guilt would accompany the red of the veins.

    The guilt flooded into the murky pumping beat as it raced to find other companions that would stop this indomitable beast.

    With a quickened pace it led the newly attained followers that seeped in within seconds of each other, up to the malicious root. Hurrying to destroy the core of the wickedness before any more blood was to shed; a force knocked the internal opposers back.

    “One more,” A whisper of ghostly existing laughed with a mocking glee focusing on the outward opponent.

    “You monster! I will see you in Hell!” a dying heart leaped to attack, but shamefully slain back to the mud in one sweep. That soul mourned with the heart until no more beats fulfilled.

    Now the dark core feasted upon the spirit of its host. Finally, it had enough of glaring down at the weak hearts that had failed. It told the feet to move with infallible stealth down the road.
    The somber hands grabbed a piece of fabric from the body’s waist and rubbed down the stained metal. Each finger felt that same wet sensation creeping over them, as did the cheek.

    In a dismal attempt at repentance, they released the cloth that danced in the air sending a warning to the outside world.

    The rotten core urged the feet to move. Therefore, they did swiftly down the road turning a corner.

    From somewhere a small conversation appeared in the blank of the night. Every regetful body member heard a faint phrase echo among the body.

    A voice shunned for so long now spoke, “You truly are a monster.”

    One green and one blue orb that was the gateway to the core led one piercing look as two pale lips contested a smirk that reached up to a rosy cheek.

    “I know.” They whispered with a devilish pleasure.