• There once was a girl named Emily who had a pet guinea pig named Mr. Pig. Emily was very bad about remembering to clean the cage and play with Mr. Pig. So every once in a while she would take him out and play with him while her dad cleaned the cage. Emily fed Mr. Pig carrots every time she went into the fridge but so did everyone else. So you know he was a little fat but that is normal Emily thought. One day Emily got back from school and let Mr. Pig run around in between her legs. She just stared at his little ears and his nose thinking what she would do without him. “Ring, ring, ring!” Emily hears the phone and plops Mr. Pig into his cage, not very gently though, and runs to get the phone. “Hi Mom, ok, I will get ready to go to dance see you soon.”
    Later that evening Emily was heading out to dance class. She was excited because her class was getting their costumes that night. Emily gave Mr. Pig some carrots and left. Later that evening Emily got picked up from dance. As soon as Emily walked inside she was hungry and opened the fridge. That’s weird there’s no biting on the side of the cage, Emily thought. She still took a carrot and put it in front of Mr. Pig’s igloo. Still he did not move. Then Emily opened the cage and went to go pick up Mr. Pig because she new he would wake up as soon as she touched him. Then she poked him and his body was limp and hid eyes were open. Emily screamed and started to cry. To this day Emily still is sad that Mr. Pig is dead and wants a new guinea pig but a new one could never replace Mr. Pig.
    The End