• Riana is a beautiful girl who loves to dance and sing. She could do anything. Everyone was jealous of her. She had so much confidence and was so graceful...until that one day.

    Everything was just fine with Riana, she was walking with her friends to school...and then a dog growled in her path.
    "Ick, go away dog." Riana said, shooing it with her hand. The dog growled even fiercer.
    "This dog is a mongrel." Riana said and flipped her hair and walked away. However, Riana was so mad that she went into a dark alley.
    "I wonder where I am?" Riana thought. "What happened to my friends?" She was scared for the first time. Then she saw an old lady walk out from the darkness.
    "Um, excuse me old lady? Where am I and you better answer." Riana asked rolling her eyes.
    "Young lady," The old lady said slowly. "You may be beautiful and confident, but you are vicious and mean, you shall never feel this way anymore." Then the old lady said a poem:

    The way you act is very discreet
    You think you are great but you are a cheat
    You are not human, You are a demon
    Summoned from the dark
    Into the Light

    You shall go back
    To a ugly face
    Until you know
    How to be someone with personality grace

    Then the old woman became beautiful, but Riana became ugly. Under her eye a mole had formed, and under her chin, a group of pimples lay. Her hair changed from blond to white, and her cheeks became paler then the sunlight. Her lips however were blood red. Her perfect white teeth became crooked and slightly yellow. Then her hair changed from smooth to rough as a rock. The skin became rough and tan.

    "What have you done to my beautiful body. Its so ugly, it was as ugly as yours!" Riana said. Then a mole formed on her arm.
    "If you insult, then something unsightly will form. I shall keep this pretty face on me until you learn to be beautiful on the inside." The old woman said. "I will be watching!"
    Then Riana found herself, back where she saw that dog. She walked straight. She wanted to turn back to her home and just weep, but her legs were moving by themselves.
    "That vicious woman." Riana thought. "Making me ugly. Hmph, everyone will still like me anyway, I am so popular." When Riana came to her school everything got silent. All the boys looked away and whispered, and the girls silently stared and giggled. When Riana reached her friends, they said, "Riana? What happened to you, you look ugly!"
    "Just some witch that put a curse on me." Riana said.
    "Omg. You know that witches aren't real, you always lie to us." they said.
    "Since when?" Riana asked.
    "Since forever! You have been so rude to us and guess what. Now we're going to do the same." they said. "What happened to your face? It looks like a bunch of fish decided to lay their eggs there. And, did you eat to many hot cheetos, because you have blood red lips. And your skin looks like the desert. And when did you change your hair color? White doesn't look good. Good thing I brought some markers. Here you can have some purple and pink highlights." They started to get their markers and slammed it on her hair. Everyone laughed and no one tried to help.
    "I...I..." Riana started. "am sorry." Everything was quiet. Even Riana was surprised. Then she caught a glimpse of her hair, it turned back into blond. Then Riana decided something.
    "Ryan," Riana said to some guy. "I'm sorry that I put glue in your soap." The pimples on her chin disappeared.
    "Gigi," Riana said, "I'm sorry that I gave you green dye pretending it was great shampoo."
    "Abby," Riana said, "I'm sorry that I told you that your boyfriend was cheating on you." Riana continued on and on while the ugly stuff disappeared. When she was finished with practically the whole school, there was still one more thing. She still looked old because her skin was rough and wrinkled. She went back to the alley and yelled, "I'm sorry I made fun of you about your age!" Then she changed back.

    "So, you learned your lesson?" the old woman asked.
    "Yes," Riana replied.
    "Then be off."

    And that's what happens when you become mean.