• “Wow…. So an evil force?” asked Chiro.

    “Yea. But don’t ask for details because we don’t know the details ourselves. Jinmay does.” Answered Sprx.

    “Speaking of Jinmay…. What is wrong with her? She seems like... She doesn’t want anything to do with me or the team.” Said chiro really concerned about his teammate.

    “ She is probrally upset. I don’t want to go into detail…” said Sprx but was cut off

    “ go into details bout what?” said Jinmay. The whole team whirled around to face a not to happy Jinmay. Sprx gulped. Nova got ready to run and Gibson, Antauri, Otto, and Rose had pale white faces, and Chiro was wondering why they looked so scared.

    “ Well… umm.. hehe.. its very funny…” began sprx.

    “ oh just shut up.” Replied Jinmay cutting him off again.

    “ Gladly” Sprx said really quickly. He then turned back into the direction of his leader as Jinmay sat beside him.

    Half an hour later Chiro was clearing the two guest rooms out and getting blankets and pillows for his guests.

    “ So whose sleeping where?” he asked

    “ well me and Sprx where going to sleep in a room with Antauri and Rose.” Said Nova

    “ and me and Gibson are going to sleep in the other” said Otto finishing Nova`s sentence.

    “ But what about Jinmay?” asked Chiro.

    “ She never told us. She just left the house again.” Said Gibson.

    “ well she better be back in an hour. This naborhood gets roudy at night.” Said chiro

    In a black hooded pecoat that was as long as her hair, Jinmay walked with her hands in her pocket to the outskirts of the little town, ignoring the “Compliments” that the drunk boys where giving her. When she reached the outskirts she ran as fast as she could. In just about ten minutes she was on the main road of her hometown in California. She took the hood off and headed to her old home to give some people a rude wakeup call.

    People who where heading home from work where surprised to see the young worrier was still alive. But they where happy about it. But without a care in the world Jinmay kept walking on down the street.

    Five minutes later she was at the door of her old home. She took a deep breath and started knocking on the door as hard as she could until she heard someone come to the door. Her older sister Samantha answered the door. As fast as she could she pushed past her and made her way to the top of the stairway, leaving a startled Sam behind her. Troy came out of his room to investigate but was pushed out of the way by his little sister. When he realized who it was he had to hold onto his door handle for support.

    Jinmay at last reached her destination. Knocking on the door three times, she opeand the door and walked in.

    “ Mom… we need to talk.” She said sitting by her mom waking her up.