• "Serenity!" The gorgeous women said with joy in her voice. I was in our garden with my dark grey huskey, Demon. I was gathering roses and a tiger lilly to make a potion. I ran over to the tall dark haired women that had cheekbones, sparkling dark blue eyes, and a heart-shaped face. She was wearing a flowing midnight blue dress with a star printed shawl. "Yes mother?" I said as I was checking to make sure I didn't loose anything as I was running. "I need you to go clean yourself up and Demon needs a bath." She said looking down as Demon was covered with dirt, she just giggled to herself. I took Demon up to one of our servers and they weren't to upset that Demon was dirty and they helped me look like the princess I was.

    Demon ran down the stairs, for someone was here that didn't sound familar to me. I slowly walked down the stairs trying to hear what the mysterious people were talking about. "Honey, why can't we wait another year? I mean putting this much pressure on her?" The women said.
    "If we wait it's going to get worse then she may start to hate us" The man said. I turned the corner to see my mother sitting and talking to a man that had golden brown hair with strong sharp masculine features and glassy green eyes. There was also 2 other people talking and had a son that was about my age so he looked 15 to 16. He had dark spikey hair with blonde tips and ocean blue eyes also very fit so you could tell he exercises. I suddenly heard Demon starting to rapidly bark so I ran out before the servers got to him and took him out. I grabbed him and pulled him out to the garden before someone got hurt.

    I was sitting in front of my roses when Demon barked once and then he suddenly stop so I got up to see who it was. I turned to see the boy that I saw earlier petting Demon and he was loving it. "Who are you?" I asked as I narrowed my light grey eyes on him. "My name is Leo" He said standing up and holding his hand out. I shook his hand "My name is Serenity" I told him. "Oh I know" He said not sounding surprised. We talked all night about ourselves and what we like and dislike. Then we started to fall for each other.

    Two years later I told my parents that I was getting married to Leo, but they told me that I couldn't so later that night I told Leo that we must leave our relem to go to another one where nobody knows me. He didn't want to, he wanted to fight the rules but I knew it couldn't happen. The night before I was supposed to my my future husband I couldn't do it for someone had my heart. I was packing my stuff when Leo entered my room. "What are you doing?!" He said looking at the floor that was covered with clothes. "I'm leaving" I said packing the last of my stuff that I could take.

    When Leo fell asleep on my bed I grabbed my amulet that teleported me anywhere and left him a note. Later that night he had woken up to me in his dreams saying good bye and that I loved him. Next to him was a folded piece of paper inside it read

    I'm sorry but I had to leave if I didn't I would have married a horrible man.
    I know you say that we could have fought this, but the truth is we couldn't.
    I would have married you outside our relem but you didn't want to.
    I'm sorry again but I know I'll see you in the future I promise
    I love you always, Serenity.

    Once he read it he went to the window to see a flash of light come from the far north and he knew exactly what he had to do to see Serenity again.