• Madeline wakes up in the shouts of children down the road. She sighed and sat up. The sun was shining in her face and she used her hand to prevent it. She stood up and walked over to the window and sighted the children she just heard. They look so happy; so playful; so cute. Madeline wanted to hug them. Not because they were cute, but because they remind her of someone, someone dear to her. Someone who she lost when she travel overseas and never came back. She felt tears fall down her cheeks. She wiped them. She must not cry. She can’t have a puffy red eye so early in the morning! No one has seen her cry. Not an eye has looked at her with a runny nose and red eyes. Not an eye, except for Damian’s. Damian whom she left when she was merely a youth. He, whom she grew up with, laughed with, cried with, and now she’s looking at a bunch of kids who reminds her of him – her childhood friend. She let out a sigh and resumed to her daily chores – fix her bed, wax the floor, and wash the dishes she left the night before. After that she would go to the market to bargain for some fish that she will cook for her masters – after all, she was just a mere maid.
    But what she doesn't know is that Damian searched for her. He searched and searched and searched. But an unfortunate event occurred when he was crossing the road and that caused him to have an amnesia. He cant remember her. The only cure to his amnesia is when he meets a very special person and that person will slowly remind him of who he really is. Now how can the two friends meet?