• Wings of a Clan

    A plane soaring in the sky, the sounds of the engins over powering any other sounds. Lone Wolf sitting next to the window. As a voice came over the loud speaker. "Hello everybody the flight will reach South Africa in 15 minutes get all of your carry on bags and please buckle up and be ready for landing." Lone Wolf opened his eyes. The vision came in his head of FalseWings final words to him. The image of FalseWing laying on the ground and Lone Wolf over him. As FalseWing said to him. "Before I die. There is something I want you to do for me. In a village. Over in Africa, way way southern Africa. Ask them for the Wing clan. There." FalseWing looked away as he smiled. "I have a son. He should be born in a couple of months. Please go to the lady that is going to bare him. And tell her. That I requested you take care of the child. And there is another like me. Defeat him. Then you can take the right of caring for my child." Then FalseWing died.

    The voice came back on the loud speaker. "Ok we have landed please enjoy your time in Africa." As the plane landed the doors opened up to a long hall way that lead to the air port. Lone Wolf grapped his possesions for the bottom of his seat. Then stood up making his way into the hall way of the plane and slowly walking down the iles. Slowly making his way out into the air port he waited by opening from port to plan. Wondering, "Were is that damn boy." Kin then came running off the plane, making his way over to Lone Wolf. "Sorry I got caught." Lone Wolf shrugged then turned and began to walk. Alot of people were staring at the man in armor. And the boy who had the wolf tail. As they made there way outside the heat was scortching. But it didnt' affect Lone Wolf at all. They began to walk down the road, everybody continued to stand there in fear at the two new comers.

    Everybody in the area began to stare at the two, Lone Wolf let out a sigh. He couldn't belive how bad it was in Africa. Lone Wolf and Kin started to walk down the streets, people walking around, staring at the two like they were freaks. They needed to find a way to locate FalseWing's clan, and they had the feeling that it wasn't going to be that easy. Lone Wolf was mainly looking for some sort of tour in the area, that would take them far out into the south African plains and they could jump out, allowing them to search. But so far nothing seemed to show it self, and the idea went through Lone Wolf's mind that he would have to walk with Kin there. After about an hour of walking around in the hot sun, they reached something that seemed to be a tour group. They made there way up the stairs, and into the building. As soon as they entered the room, people began to walk out of the room. Lone Wolf made his way over to the main desk, the lady there had a grin on her face.

    "You want to go to the southest part of Africa to find someone. Am I right?" Lone Wolf's eyes opened wided, as he stared down at the lady. She was a white lady, blond hair, and a strange tattoo on her shoulder. It looked familiar, after a couple seconds of thinking, he realized that FalseWing had the same tatto on his shoulder. Lone Wolf nodded his head, as the lady handed him a map, she looked into Lone Wolf's eyes and let out a sigh of relief. "So, you are the one FalseWing spent his final years with." When the lady uttered those words, Lone Wolf dropped the map, and leaned over the desk. "How do you know of FalseWing?" The lady stood up and walked out from behind the desk, she began to walk to the back. Lone Wolf and Kin began to follow her, when they got to the back she opened the door leading out side, and there was a jeep. Then she looked at Lone Wolf, placing her hand on his shoulder. "I'm happy that my son spent his last days with you." Lone Wolf frooze in his steps as he looked at her, "his mother." She nodded and pointed him to the jeep. Lone Wolf and Kin jumped inside the car and looked at the lady as she said. "Please get his child, that is what he wanted you to do." Lone Wolf nodded as turned the car on, reved the engine and drove off.

    Lone Wolf was silent the whole time they drove, he couldn't believe that he just talked to FalseWing's mother. Kin turned his head and placed his hand on Lone Wolf's shoulder, a small smile formed on the werewolfs face. "We will get there, and find his child. Don't worry about that." Lone Wolf nodded his head, as they reached a forest. It seemed to be endless from what the could see, but this was were the map ended and said to go. So the two jumped out of the car, they began to walk down the woods. This area was different from the rest of Africa it seemed like the sun didn't dry anything out here. As the continued to walk down the path, they started to hear trembling in the earth. When they began to make there way down the African Safari, what came there was something that they would have never expected. Trees began to fall too the ground as a Dinosaur was rampaging through the forest. Letting out a firocus growl. Small animals flung themselves out of the way of the giant tirant. Whom ever created such a creature to rampage over these calm woods would surly meet it's defeat in a second. As Lone Wolf quickly drew his migthy scythes began to battle the great beast.

    Smashing the two scythes together, he created his mighty weapon of the double edge scythe. And with a powerful roar, Lone Wolf made his way up in the air, and bringing down the might weapon, shouting. "Roar! Demonica!" His blade started to glow with power as it slashed the creatures head right off. Lone Wolf let out a sigh, sparating the weapon, then mounting them on his back. Lone Wolf started his walk, Kin wasn't that far behind, he was watching the action from the top of a tree. As they started to walk again, everything seemed to be going along just fine, nothing was in there way to bother them. Lone Wolf let out a sigh, as the forest seemed to go on forever, there was no end to it. While searching from the top of the trees, Kin realized that they were going in circles. He noticed the same animal in the same spot of the tree. Quickly Kin jumped down to tell Lone Wolf of what he had discovered.

    "Damn it, how long have we been going in circles?" All Kin could do is shrug his shoulders, he really didn't know because the fact was that he wasn't paying too much attention. That is when Lone Wolf noticed that the sun was starting to go down, the night fall began to take over the sky, and what was the point in traveling at night. They wouldn't be able to see anything, and any monster could come out of know were and attack them. So, they needed to make a base grounds for were they had to stay. "Let's make camp for the night." As Lone Wolf and Kin began started to set up camp. They made a nice fire, and set down for the night. Luckly, sun rise came in few hours. Lone Wolf quickly got up the moment that the sun rise would make it's apperence. When they started to take on the way that they needed to go. It seemed that the envorment had changed.

    "What the hell is this place!" That is when the next challege had seemed to make it's way over to them. But there eyes seemed to be fooling them, because what made there way over to them was something of human form. "What the hell!" The bodies that stood there were Mike Bucci and Lanzer. Kin pulled a seed out of his pocket as he started to eat it, his body quickly making the transformation to a were wolf. The Lanzer clone pulled out a bow, it was the demonbow that Kin destroyed before. The bow looked like it was made of the wings of a demon. When he pulled the string back, a dark arrow seemed to flow out of it. But instead of pointing it at the two, he ended up pointing it at the ground. Releasing the dark bow that seemed to go down into the earth itself. A couple seconds of the bow making it's way into the earth. Demons began to pop out from the ground.

    "Is this the strength of the DemonBow." Lone Wolf drew his mighty blades, smashing them together to create his ultimate blade. The demons made there charge to Lone Wolf. As Kin made his charge over to Mike and Lanzer. But of course with ease Kin took one slash at Mike, taking him out with quick speed. But when he decided to go for Lanzer that didn't seem to work so well. As he quickly summoned the dark energy from his body, and smacking the wolf boy out of his way. "Ready to die again?" But before Lanzer could turn around, Lone Wolf stood there his blade up high, quickly swinging it down and chopping Lanzer in half. All the demons seemed to still be there though, but as soon as Lone Wolf smashed the bow. The demons returned to there place of hell.

    Lone Wolf and Kin contiued on there path, but because of what happened Lone Wolf kept out his double bladed scythe. Kin remained in his were wolf state. There journy seemed to be taking forever, as they day started to end. They needed a place to stay down for the night again, because as before, night fall would take place. As they began to make camp for the night, there eyes were focused on the moon, it seemed to be blood red. Which wasn't really a good sign. Lone Wolf kept his blades out, at his side incase anything was to rear it's ugly head. The light of day started to shine, Lone Wolf didn't sleep at all. But he didn't really need to sleep at all since he was so wound up on finding FalseWing's clan and finding his child, Lone Wolf made his stance, getting up. Wondering the evil that will make it's way towards the two today.

    "Kin, get up. It's time to go." The young boy stood up, streching his legs and arms. It was time for them to get on there way to were they needed to go. Kin let out a long yawn. It was still pretty early in the morning. "Dude, wha-AH!" Kin flew across the forest, smashing into a couple of trees and lying unconionous on the ground. When Lone Wolf looked over at who the culpret were. It was like staring into a mirror, because there was himself. Standing there, was a clone of Lone Wolf. But that wasn't the one that punched him, you would expect a clone of Kin to be standing their but that wasn't it. It was a clone of the old FalseWing, but there wasn't any electricity in his eyes. It just seemed to be a clone, nothing more. These things had no personality in them at all. Lone Wolf already had his blades out, so there wasn't any time to waste on taking out his weapons. When the Lone Wolf clone made his charge, it's blades were drawn also. But the clones blades were different, they looked too be weaker in some way.

    Lone Wolf charged the two, it seemed that Kin was out cold from that kick to the face. Lone Wolf drew his blade and swung it down fast. Slashing the Lone Wolf's blades in half. They were different they were made out of wood. That was what was going through Lone Wolf's mind. And just as he was about to slash down the clone. The FalseWing clone jumped in the way, causing Lone Wolf to hesitate. Then as the clone opened his mouth, he said in a low tone. "You killed me." Those words sent chills through the body of Lone Wolf, dropping his blades and falling to his knees. It still hurt him a bit that it was his hands that killed FalseWing. That his best friends blood was on his hands. Even though it was what needed to be done. The FalseWing cloned reached down and picked up one of Lone Wolfs blades holding it up high. Something snapped inside of Lone Wolf. Just as the clone dropped the blade down to slash Lone Wolf. His armor shot out and stabbed right through the stomach of the clone. Lone Wolf's eyes had a demonic feeling.

    "b*****d!" Clinching his fist and smashing it into the face of the clone. As it disappeared, when he turned around the clone had his other blade. Swinging it fast. The next sound that was heard was a loud clash. As the tip of his scythe fell on the ground. Breaking on his blade. "Nice try b*****d." Lone Wolf had at hand the other blade, swinging it over and chopping the head off the other clone. Now there was an issue, Lone Wolf's blade was broken. He couldn't combine them to make the super scythe. But there was nothing he could do. Throwing it over to the side, as he looked over at Kin. His body laying there on the ground knocked out. Lone Wolf figured that was for the best, so he would take the journey on his own. Lone Wolf began to walk, leaving the broken scythe next to Kin so he could use it as a weapon.

    There didn't really seem to be that many more trials. Lone Wolf was pretty far into the forest. Looking around as he could feel that something was going to happen. The next thing Lone Wolf knew, he was standing in the middle of what looked like a ritual circle. There was statues all around him. It seemed that this was a place were they brought the dead back back to live. Lone Wolf figured that this is were they recarnations of the T-rex, The Bucchi brothers, and the old selves of Lone Wolf and FalseWing. But nobody was there, that is when what cought his eye next was a cave. He could see a small light at the other end of it. As he began to walk, but he didn't want to walk. Lone Wolf took a running start, as he began to bolt down the cave. The light seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, when minutes later. He popped out of the other end of the cave. His eyes widened under his mask, as he was looking a tribe. There were a bunch of people walking around of all ethnic races. This seemed like one very peacful village.

    "Amazing." Said Lone Wolf, as he started to walk down the path way. People were looking at him, some ran inside. Others would just stare at him, as they had never seen such a man before. Then over too the side a small woman, about 5" 4'. She had dark hair and pale skin, a very pretty girl. Lone Wolf turned his head over and looked at her. As a smile was being worn on her face. "You must be Lone Wolf, my name is Amora." Lone Wolf wasn't sure how this lady knew about him. He turned to her as it hit him, this woman must have been FalseWing's love. Lone Wolf smiled, something that he hadn't done in a long time. "Hello Amora, you must be the woman FalseWing loved." She nodded as she moved her hands to her sides, and a tear fell down from her face. "I am her." Lone Wolf figured that his death must have been harder on her than himself. Lone Wolf walked over to her, giving her a small hug. "I'm sorry." Backing away he smiled. "FalseWing was a great man. I didn't hear much of you. But when he said his last words, when he mentioned you. I could see nothing but love in his eyes. I would think that he wanted to be with you when he died." Allie nodded her head as she wipped her tears. "FalseWing was my life. But he left his legacy behi-" Her sentence was interuped by a crying baby.

    When Lone Wolf heard the baby cry, he walked ahead of Amora. Opening the door to the small hut, and to his surprise. There on a bed was a baby with white hair, his cry was loud. Lone Wolf walked over to the baby, just the site of his best friends son brought tears to his eyes. "What is his name." Amora walked in the room, picking up the small child and craddling him back and forth. "His name, is SilverWing." Lone Wolf smiled as he nodded his head, "That is a perfect name to give him." Amora started to sing a soft lullby to the child. As his tears slowly went away, and the baby slowly fell to sleep. When this finally happened, she set the baby back on the bed to let him sleep. Then she turned to Lone Wolf, her eyes had nothing but a serious look in them.

    "You do know that you have to kill FalseWing's father before gaining the right of taking care of this child." Lone Wolf nodded in agreement as he knew what he had to do. What his mission was to gain the trust of the clan and bring one of there young out into the real world. Lone Wolf's hand reached back and pulled out his mighty weapon. Gripping it as tight as he could, making his way out of the small hut. He could tell were his father would be. Because FalseWing seemed to be one of the founders of the clan, his father was the leader. And had the big stone hut on the top of the mountain. Lone Wolf clinched his teeth, as he started to run over to the huge hut. Amora walked out of the hut as she watched Lone Wolf take his leave. "Good luck. And please, be victorus."

    Lone Wolf, was getting closer to the hut, he was filled with rage. And you could tell by his armor, it started to grow spikes, and looked as if a demon was running down the path way. Lone Wolf started to run up the stairs, his eyes focused on the door. Then as soon as he got up too it, Lone Wolf kicked it down. And there standing in the middle of the room was a giant man. He was increidibly muscular, he had long black hair, that he wore in a way so it was spiking up. Which made Lone Wolf think, because there hair played a huge role in what element they controlled. He seemed to be only wearing pants, his upper body was exposed. As Lone Wolf stabbed his blade into the ground, he turned shouted to the man. "Father of FalseWing, I am here to challenge you for the right of his child. Now prepare yourself!" Just as his sentence finished, the giant man started to turn around, his eyes shut closed. "Accepted. I hope you are a challenge." He had a very deep voice.

    "Then prepare yourself old man!" When the man's eyes opened up, nothing surged from them. This giant man seemed to have been so powerful in his skills that he could controll the level of flow that would surge through his eyes. As Lone Wolf, picked his blade up from the ground, he charged. The giant man stood there. And with a loud clashing sound, Lone Wolf stood there with a shocked look on his face. As his blade broke on the man's body. The piece that cracked off fell to the ground. Lone Wolf looked up at the man, then Lone Wolf had fear on his face. The man though seemed to have a huge grin on his face. "Is that all. I the mighty Kenpachi is not happy." His giant fist shot out of know were and smashed into Lone Wolf's stomach, sending him flying back. Hitting full force against the rock wall. Then Lone Wolf spat up some blood, as it spilled on the ground. He looked up at Kenpachi. Be he couldn't find him, the next thing that happened sent chills down Lone Wolf's spine.

    "Looking for me?" When Lone Wolf turned his head over to the right, there stood Kenpachi. Not only did this man have strength, he was pretty damn fast too. Lone Wolf's eyes diverted down, he heard the sound of cracking. The man seemed to have crush some of the armor that was covering his stomach. Nobody has ever done that before. "What are you?" Lone Wolf said in a scared tone as Kenpachi started to laugh at the question. Everything around them seemed to start to crush. Kenpachi's eyes started to turn black, as pure darkness flowed out of them. Lone Wolf looked horrified, because this force was stronger than what was flowing out of Lanzer when they fought. Then Kenpachi spoke, "I am the mighty Wing Clan, God! Kenpachi Wing, the wings of darkness!" He shouted, swinging his fist into the face of Lone Wolf, sending to fly to the side. Lone Wolf hit the next wall, just laying there on the ground. Kenpachi started to make his way over to the middle of the room again.

    "These are the stautes of the Wing clans gods." When Lone Wolf looked up, there were 3 statues. One was of Kenpachi, standing in the middle. The one on the left was FalseWing's brother. Then of course, standing on the right, was a statue of FalseWing. When Lone Wolf saw that statue, he knew that he couldn't fail the request of his best friend. Mustering up what strength he could. Lone Wolf made his way up to his feet. "And one of those gods gave me a request. That I have to make sure happens." Lone Wolf took his charge yet again, when Kenpachi turned around he started to laugh. Underestmating the strength of Lone Wolf. This punch that was delivered by Lone Wolf would be as strong as a hundred punches. Smashing into the face of Kenpachi, sending him back a few feet. Kenpachi looked up and started to laugh. "That was marvilous!" As Kenpachi made his charge, holding his fist up in the air. When the man made the mighty swing of his fist. Lone Wolf quickly ducked down, claping his hands together as he placed his hands on Kenpachi's feet. His armor started to form on the feet of Kenpachi, causing him to be stuck. Kenpachi looked down, Lone Wolf jumped back all he had one was a white shirt and jeans. Since his armor had molded onto Kenpachi's feet. "What the hell is this."

    Kenpachi raised his fist up in the air, he smashed it on the stone, but it didn't break. Lone Wolf made another charge and knocked him in the face once more. "AH!" Kenpachi didn't move, only his head did. Then Lone Wolf still at the mans head level. Swung his fist again on too Kenpachi's head. Just unloading punches right and left on the giant mans head. Lone Wolf wasn't going to stop for anything. Or so he thought, that was when Kenpachi's foot broke out of the stone and kicked Lone Wolf in the chest. Lone Wolf flying back at a fast speed, on his way he reached his hand down and grabbed the broken blade shard. Stabbing it into the ground he started to slow down. Lone Wolf didn't hit the wall, but his chest still felt like a Rhino had smashed him full force with his horn, but the horn was a recking ball.

    Lone Wolf stood up though, spitting some blood up over to the side. That is when he smiled, he had a plan to get another hit on his enemy. Lone Wolf removed his mask, his semi long black hair falling behind him. When he began to make his charge again, he threw his mask at Kenpachi's face. Knocking it out of the way, he was confused on where Lone Wolf went. Then to his surprise, Lone Wolf was right under him. Kenpachi couldn't block this at all. At hand, Lone Wolf had the blade shard in his hand, jumping up as he stabbed the blade a inch into his stomach. Then jumped up so the blade sliced up the mans body. About half way, Kenpachi grabbed Lone Wolf and threw him. With a grin on his face, Lone Wolf knew that, that had to do something to his opponent. But Kenpachi just laughed, moving his hand up the gash in his stomach and licking the blood up from his fingers. "Nice, that is what I was waiting for, that much pain. It's so delightful." Lone Wolf wasn't surprised, this man was incredibly strong.

    "But young boy. Now I have to end this." Kenpachi said, a smile on his face as he held his hand up. Pointing his finger at Lone Wolf, as the darkness began to surge through his body. A dark energy ball started to form on his finger, then a couple of seconds later the ball was complete. It was a 4 inch all around dark ball, the center could be seen it looked like black hole. Lone Wolf was having trouble moving because of all of his wounds. "Die!" The ball broke, the end that was pointing towards Lone Wolf. Then a huge wave of darkness shot out of the tear. Lone Wolf couldn't dodge this attack, he just closed his eyes and waited for the attack to make it's way over to him. But nothing happened, Lone Wolf looked opened his eyes. There was a lightning bolt that seemed to come down from the sky striking Kenpachi's attack.

    "What was that!" Shouted Kenpachi, as another bolt shot down and struck him. Sending him to fly back and smash against the statue of himself. Lone Wolf smiled as he looked up. Standing up, for some reason energy was being surged through him. "That is FalseWing, helping me from the heavens!" That is when another bolt shot down, right next to Lone Wolf. It was faint but there was an image of FalseWing, the old FalseWing. A smile came across Lone Wolf's face to see his friend helping him. That is when another bolt came down and struck Lone Wolf. That was when he heard in his mind. "Hey bro. Remember two great worriors can hear each others thoughts. I'm giving you my soul, so you can use the powers of the Wing clan! Now fly swiftly with the wings of lightning!" When the lightning went away, Lone Wolf stood there. He has on his armor again, but there were white markings going all down them. His eyes surged lightning, along with his hands and feet. Lone Wolf's eyes opened wide, now he understood why they said wings of and then there element. Since now he had the eyes of the clan, he could see on the back of Kenpachi. Two giant black wings, turning around. On his back he could see two giant white wings. Each composed of the element that they controlled.

    Lone Wolf, charged at Kenpachi. At this moment Kenpachi had his body surging with darkness. Lone Wolf took the challenge and surged his body with lightning. In his mind Lone Wolf couldn't believe this power, and was happy to know that his friend was with him. Lone Wolf broke back into reality as him and Kenpachi were feet apart ready to swing there fists of mass elemental energy. "AHHHHHHH!" Shouted the two as there fists colided. An explosion of mass preportion happened. Destorying the giant stone hut, the rocks didn't fly away. The desinagrated in the mass power that was being released for there colision of power. When the smoke cleared, Lone Wolf's armor was destoryed, only a few pieces remained on his body. But he wasn't unskeithed, coughing up blood, as Kenpachi's punch didn't hit his main body. But his arm, tearing it off from the shoulder. Lone Wolf started to breath heavy because of the pain. "Good one kid. I would say that you won." Lone Wolf's fist was in Kenpachi's chest, where his heart was. Kenpachi smiled, as he fell to his knees. "Take the kid. And as my last words. I'm sorry I wasn't a better father to my sons." Those last words spoke, the giant man feel down to the side.

    Lone Wolf fell to his knees himself, from the lose of so much blood. That was when a voice came out of the distence, "Lone Wolf!" Kin jumped down next to him, putting his hand on his back giving him support to sit up. "I've got you bro. Looks like you won, I wish that I could have fought them. But I was stuck fighting more Dinosaurs, thanks for the weapon by the way," Kin laughed a bit. Lone Wolf had a smile on his face, "no problem Kin." Lone Wolf stood up, as Kin tore his shirt and wrapped up his wound tight, so tight that it stopped the bleeding. Kin walked over to Kenpachi's body, he heard the final words of the big guy. Carring his body over to the 3 statues, and leaning him against his statue. As Kin pulled the other two closer to the dead mans body. "Rest in peace." As they started to make there way down, the clan members were clapping there hands to the great feat that this man took on. That was when in the back they noticed Amora holding the baby.

    Finaly they reached over to her, she has tears in her eyes. As she was holding her baby, putting her fingers through his white hair, she looked up at Lone Wolf and Kin. "Congradulations, you defeated him." Lone Wolf had a sad look on his face, watching the tears roll down her face. That is when Lone Wolf said to her, "come with us. You can take care of SilverWing at our house. I don't want to seperate a mother and her child." Amora looked up at Lone Wolf, a smile came across her face. "Thank you." Lone Wolf when he saw the smile, he was happy as well. Kin walked over to the baby, a smile across his face. "The legacy of FalseWing is standing right infront of me." That is when Lone Wolf's body started to glow, as what seemed to be the soul of FalseWing left his body, and floated off some were. "Thank you my friend, now take care of my child. Give him and Amora a nice home. And tell her, that I love her so much." That is what Lone Wolf heard in his mind. "Rest in peace." Pausing for a second as he stood up straight. "Now lets go home everybody." They started to walk out of the forest, they made there way past the ritual circle, as what seemed to be a bunch of shamans standing around the middle, chanting something. Lone Wolf didn't think to much about it and kept walking back to town.

    While on the plane going back to there house, Lone Wolf was looking out of the window the whole time. All he could think about was getting home to Kimberly. Kin was sleep on the plane, his snores could be heard through out the small jet. When he looked over he saw Amora holding the baby, singing him a lullby. "Well that must have been a hell of a trip." Lone Wolf heard in the front of the plane as when he looked down a couple of rows. There sat FalseWing's mother, she made her way over to Lone Wolf. "That is a hell of a wound there." Lone Wolf nodded his head, "yes I know. I'm going to get a prestectic limp though. Kin makes great robotics." Then her attention was drawn over to the woman with a child. "You must be Amora, and that must be SilverWing." She sat down, Amora and FalseWing's mother began to talk. As the plane began to make it's decent on there town. Lone Wolf could see in the window, Kimberly waving her hands. Right as the plane landed Lone Wolf ran over to her. She jumped on him and gave him a huge and a kiss. "I'm so glad that you are alive." Lone Wolf smiled. "Lets go home."

    Five years later. Lone Wolf walks over to the living room of the wearhouse home. Sitting down on his spot on the couch, sitting next to him was SilverWing. "So, what are you watching?" The little kid, who was five now said to Lone Wolf. "Cartoons." Lone Wolf smiled as the little boy. In the kitchen, Kimberly and Amora were talking and having a good time. Kin was in his room messing around with hell knows what. Lone Wolf stood up and began to walk into the kitchen, he grabbed a bottle of water with his hand. Jesica turned over to him. "How is the new robotic arm working, hun?" Lone Wolf started to move it around, "like a charm." That is when they heard knocking on the door. Lone Wolf walked out of the kitchen. "Who's there?" Nobody answered, but they knocked again. Then Lone Wolf walked over to the door, gripping the door knob as he opened the door. His eyes widned as he dropped his water. "False." And there standing in the door way, was FalseWing, a big grin on his face. As he said, "I'm starving bro, could ya make me a breakfast sandwhich?"