• The room room fell silent, the lights flickered and everyone stood deathly still as the shadowed figure crossed the room to the casket that stood open. Soft murmers slowly stood out as the shadowed figure peered into the coffin.

    "Excuse me sir....please back away and leave this holy place" The preist said placing a hand on the shadowed figures shoulder.
    "Dont touch me father...for I bring news that this child is not dead...he is asleep...to deep for anyone to wake him"
    "Sir I ask you to stop telling such lies to the poor parents that lost their child so tradgicly"

    The shadowed figure laughed softly. A sort of laugh that echoed through the room.
    "What is so funny....This child died in a school shooting accident"
    "I know what happened...I tell you this child is not dead"
    "Who are you to say such lies" A female cried as she stepped forewards our of the crowd.

    "I am the childs...what I am is not important" The shadowed figure said looking at the woman
    "Please if you are not going to leave sir...at least drop the hood of your cloak and take a seat" Squeaked the preist as he saw a potiental fight about to break out.

    The shadowed figure laughed again.
    "I am not a sir" She said as she lowered her hood and looked at the preist
    "I am sorry milady" The shocked priest said as he bowed his head and stood up the front.
    The lady smiled and stood at the back whispering incoherent words as the preist started to speak.

    Today on this child's birthday we must bid him farewell for his life was tradgically taken from us. Its on this hour when his family and friends will stand and say their own speacial fare..." The preist froze and once again the room became deathly silent as the oy in the coffin sat up.

    "Mother...." The boy whispered as he looked around seeing everyone dressed in black.
    "Why is everyone dressed for a funeral?"
    "Oh ummm we thought..." The preist was speechless.
    "Its a mircle....my son he's still alive" The freightful woman from before said as she stood up and went to the coffing.

    "Mother..." The boy said looking at the woman then around the room again as he climbed slowly out of the coffin
    The cloaked lady stood up and smiled as she slowly made her way to the front.

    "Zack...come here, come to mommy" The woman said as she held out her arms.
    Zack looked at the woman and shook his head
    "I am sorry but your not my mother...That lady...the cloaked one over there is" With that he walked over to the cloaked lady with a smile.

    "Mother...I knew you would come"
    "I am always here Zack...but the time has come we must go"
    A soft yellow glow started to form around the lady and ZAck
    "Take off your shirt and let your wings unfold" The lady said as she took off her cloak to reveal a pair of large red feathered wings.
    Zack smiled and removed his shirt and a pair of medium white feathered wings formed.

    Looking at the people the lady smiled
    "Thankyou all for showing me and the rest of us that you do still care"
    Looking at the preist she smiled and whispered gently to him
    "He will see you soon"

    With that Zack and his mother walked out of the church. Once they stood outside in the moonlight the pair flapped their wings and flew into the air. Only to return to earth when people stopped caring, or they where needed the most.