• The Vampire

    Part One

    Ominously, the twilight night rages on. In the silhouettes between two large buildings a monster lurks. In the dimly lit crook between the two structures, two crimson eyes glow. The moonlight lights the silver hair of the well-hidden being. As the lustrous rays shine the lineament of his face is barely able to hide in the shadows. The being sidles out of the corner, cautiously. Shining onto his body, the luminous beams reveal the look of the once hidden creature. Finally out of the corner’s safety, he enters the world which seemed to be filled with more hate than even he had. Embracing his upper-half his maroon shirt reveals his muscular physique. His toned quadricepses are visible as his black leather tights squeeze against his legs. The laces upon his golden colored boots are wrapped perfectly around each other so they would not drag on the ground, while his boots travelled up toward his calves.

    In the distance, three women laugh jovially, which cause the man’s ears to perk. “Three youthful women,” he speaks while trying to estimate their ages. He took a guess that they were between sixteen and nineteen. The male’s sterling hair hovers over his scarlet orbs, hiding his inauspicious gaze. This man could intimidate everyone he meets. Once one caught his gaze they would acquiesce to his commands. The ambition he had was fading seeing as he hadn’t yet fulfilled his needs. As he stares at the women who approach, one in particular catches his eyes, and sends his bloodlust running through his veins. Bloodlust was the only adrenaline he was capable of having; leaving the victims for dead after forcefully sucking their blood is what he did. His uncanny lust for blood forced out every feeling of hunger, and even his hormones were no match for this. A human in a crucified state for seven days would be like him going three days without blood. The weight of his intestines would be too much for his weakened state, and would have to exit his body somehow. After shriveling up they would drop out of him like a boulder falling from a cliff.

    Approaching the woman, he speaks up. “Good evening m’ladies.” The raspy softness in his voice was being caused by his lack of red cells. Clearing his throat, he stares into the eyes of one of the girls. Her emerald eyes return the gaze his bloodshot eyes give off. At this point, she was his now. As soon as her eyes lock onto his, her body heat rises to unparalleled levels. She begins sweating as if it were over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit outside. Breathing unsteadily and at a heavy pace, the woman almost stumbles downward.

    “Wh-who are you?” The woman asks delicately as her blood pours through her veins quickly.

    “Ryumo,” he answers abruptly. Ryumo wasn’t a womanizer, by any means. Hovering over the woman, her friends look at the menacing male before he puts his masque of a gentleman on, once more. With a quick wave of his hand, he speaks. “Go, get the police, and we will be in the park,” the friends leave and willingly run off trusting this stranger. ‘Stupid humans. . .’ Ryumo thinks to himself, and he grins. Licking his gums ravenously the “sickly” woman leans against him, groaning groggily.

    “It’s. . . hot. . . I. . .” she starts to speak, “I . . . can’t stay awake.”

    “Shh. . . go to sleep.” The male whispers into her ear; his soft voice massages her ear drum before she falls into the slight trance. Ryumo walks the woman to a nearby bench, and he sits upon the settee holding her in his pseudo-caring arms. Falling from her neck her brown hair exposes her milky white flesh. His gaze works down her vivacious body after he stares at her neck.

    Part Two

    Ryumo’s crimson eyes gaze at the woman’s body while he licks his canines in great anticipation of the “holy grail” of blood. His eyes go back to resting on her neck. ‘Finding a woman this beautiful, and young, with fresh blood, is like finding Lucifer walking amongst the humans, such a rare sight. Such wonderful, sweet tasting, innocent blood, I can hardly wait.’ While Ryumo collects his thoughts for a few moments, he shuts his eyes. Knowing far too well that he would not be able to feast on her out in the open, so he plans on where to take her, to use her, and hide her. His fangs retreat back behind his lips as he shakes his head. “Miss, wake up.” He says in a pseudo-caring tone, clearly acting as he shakes her firmly. The woman groans and whispers to the male.

    “Where am I…?” Her voice was soft as she gazed into his eyes with her emerald orbs.

    “We,” clearing his throat he tries to speak again, “we, my fair lady, are outside; in a park. It is strange; you just passed out after becoming all sweaty, for some reaon. We might need to bring you somewhere to recuperate.” Slowly he stands up and holds her. Knowing her friends would be back at any moment Ryumo walks off in a hurry.

    “You have done this before.” She states to him in a scared tone.

    “No,” he laughs, “I used to be a pool lifeguard. So naturally I know how to carry people. But never have I taken care of the sickly. Though, I love to read lots of medical books.” A lie detector couldn’t pick up his lies, so how could this woman?

    “Okay. . .” she laughs a serene laugh, hard to be heard, but still audible.

    “May I ask your name?” He inquires. Nodding she rests her head on his chest. Her eyes close like an envelope, sealed shut until being pried open.

    “Mary. . . Tsuba.” She passes out after stating her name. A smile spreads across her lips. Only three things could be heard as Ryumo walks with the girl; the wind flowing softly, the faint breathing of the sleeping woman, and the feet of the man which were pushing into the lush grass.

    Coming to a small, well-hidden shack, Ryumo ceases his steps. Acting as bodyguards, trees hide and guard the shack from an ambush as well as vandalism. The man listens to the wind, and if anyone saw him they might have thought ‘Is he listening to the trees?’ or even, ‘Is he crazy?’ Mary squirms in the arms of her “rescuer.” This forces him to break his own trance that he was in for a moment. “Oh, Mary, I found a place we can stay in for the night.” Putting his right foot on the door, he forces the door open with a swift kick. Sliding into the shack Ryumo looks around as if he had never been there before. “So. . . where should we sleep?” All of a sudden, Mary jolts up and looks into the eyes of Ryumo. “Mary!” He shouts.

    “Just a bad, bad, thought. . .” curling up in his arms, she thinks to herself. ‘Oh, God, save me, please. He might rape me.’ On the inside, she was crying like a child. While her intestines squirm on the inside, her want to vomit enhances. The woman looks up into Ryumo’s eyes, and suddenly, it hits her like a bus speeding into a wall. ‘He isn’t, a human, he must have done this before!’ She yells inside of her head ‘He caused me to be like this! Maybe he is planning to put me in a place worse than death. . . or Hell! Is there a place worse than Hell?

    Through me the way is to the painful city!
    Through me the way is to eternal dole;
    Through me the way among the people lost.
    Justice incited my sublime Creator;
    Created me Divine Omnipotence,
    The highest Wisdom and the Primal Love.
    Before me there were no created things,
    Only eterne, and I eternal endure,
    Abandon all hope, ye who enter in.

    Part Three

    Still quite tired, Mary manages to force out a sentence. “Ryumo. . . who are you, really?” Ryumo smiles warmly toward the woman.

    “I am someone who really cares for the well-being of people.” Since she first rest eyes on him, his smile had been deceiving her.

    He is tricking me, again. How, no, why are you doing this to me, Ryumo?’ She asks herself while she falls into submission once more. ‘Ryumo, you are turning me into a toy. How can I find out if you aren’t human?’ She looks around for a stereotypical mirror trying to see if she could spot his reflection. “Ryumo, do you have a mirror around so I could fix my hair? It looks disgusting.” Rubbing his left shoulder with his left hand she shuts her eyes to hide her fear.

    “Don’t even think about it, kid.” This very crass response caught her off guard.

    So, I was right! He isn’t human!’ She continues thinking to herself, but all she wanted was to leave, and be safe again. “Ryumo, do you know a place where I can go to use the restroom?”

    “The woods, but that would be risky at nighttime, just so you know.” Ryumo warmly smiles to her.

    There it is again; the smile.’ Gripping his shoulder with her small hand, she closes her eyes. “I’ll sleep for now, if you can’t take me there, it is fine.” She begins to fall into the embrace of the sandman. ‘Well I am a little tired, now. So I guess I will try to sleep, and he might just spare me.’ Nuzzling her cheek on Ryumo’s chest, she breathes very lightly actually falling into the sleeping god’s embrace. Ryumo was ready to strike, she had made the wrong move.

    “Sweet dreams, child.” Her exposed neck forces his mouth to pry open and show his canines. Her smooth neck was exposed to his open mouth, where he would attack. His blood pumps even faster through his body. Ryumo’s front fangs enlarge and form a sharper form than before. His breathing quickens as he leans in and bites her neck harshly, his teeth piercing her neck and her blood shoots up into his mouth. Mary’s eyes open quickly before howling in extreme pain.

    “Ryumo!” To stop screaming as much she bites her bottom lip, but pierces it wide open. Even after she began screaming, Ryumo didn’t stop his assault. The luscious chalice of crimson liquid flows into the vampire’s dry, deserted mouth causing him to dig his nails into her back. As the scarlet liquid slides down his throat he begins to suckle upon her neck, soon he rips away from the neck of the woman, taking a large portion of her neck with him. He spits the piece of skin onto the ground. His evil smile shows in the moonlight. The paint from her blood covering his entire lower part of his face made him look like a homicidal clown. After tasting her blood, he pants heavily because of the surge of energy that came from the attack. The male leans in and bites the front of her neck, piercing her trachea. Once again, her blood spews into his mouth like a fire hose would after it was attached to a hydrant. “Ryumo. . .” Mary mouths, with her last ounce of strength before she passes out.

    “Ah! Yes!” Loudly the man growls before shutting his eyes completely. Viciously tearing the girl’s neck with his incisors, such violence causes her blood to cover his chin, neck and then his clothing. Pulling away from the woman, Ryumo was finally replenished. Glowing scarlet, his eyes shine for a moment. “Oh I have waited too long to have this kind of a drink.” The night hours come to an end after this attack, Mary’s friends stumble into the shack and were shocked to find a bloody body, thinking it was their friend they reported it to the police right away. Nowhere to be seen, Ryumo had vanished. News articles were printed on the front page many days later, after an investigation had gone on to find the killer of this woman.

    Girl Found Dead:

    Vampires to blame?

    Mary Tsuba(1 cool was found slaughtered in an old disheveled shack. Completely covered in blood her neck had tiny bite marks which were wide enough for two very sharp teeth to enter. The woman’s body was identified after one full day of interrogation of many suspects. The face of the woman had been wrecked and it did not look like the 18 year old female. A search was put out for Tsuba after her parents received a phone call during the early morning, asking if she had been home. After checking her room, she was nowhere to be found. So Tsuba’s friends showed the body to the police, and the parents. Murder was the only logical explanation that the police could think of, as to why this woman was in this setting, dead. “Why shouldn’t we think that? Her entire body was covered in blood and she was dead, what else could it be?” Daniel Thane, police chief, remarks after being confronted by the papers. The police chief had been asked if there were any way that Tsuba could have been murdered by something non-human. He quickly replies with “No, no! There is no such thing as non-human creatures that are capable of this kind of an act!” The papers were led to believe that there was something amidst, so I went to Professor Allen Constra. Prof. Constra was asked if he had any hypotheses, theories or any kind of lead on this event.

    “Most people will think I am crazy; however, I do have an idea. I do believe that vampire(s) are the cause of this murder. In this event, the woman’s neck was torn to shreds almost completely. Everything below her neck was in pretty good condition, although, it is quite stereotypical to say that vampires are fans of necking . . . so with that stereotype that is the only evidence I have.”