• Two elves laid out in the snow in the other's arms while the snow lightly fell from the sky, the cold seeming to not bother them as they kissed. They were in a desolate area of Winterspring, far away from civilization and far away from creatures of any kind. Only the foolish would advance on these lovers, their true forms known to all but those who judged by what they could see. The female would pull away slowly, breathing deep as a small giggle emitted from her. "Cobaltaan, it has been very long..." She would murmur as she traced her fingers along his cheek, down to his jaw. "...so very long..."

    "Dearest Ceruleagos, it has only been a short moment in our lifetime that we were apart." The male elf would chuckle, propping himself up to sit in the snow, his fingers burrowing through the soft snow. His smile was full of warmth and radiating with his adoration for the woman. He would move over to kiss the laying elf, his lips stopping just short of her lips, with a sudden stop. "Who... dares approach me and my lover?" He would growl, looking around sharply, his expression showing annoyance and anger.

    Ceruleagos would glance to her lover, a look of confusion in her eyes as she sat up herself, her head looking around the area. Her azure eyes took in everything and yet she saw nothing there, but she knew that eyes were always easy to deceive as she felt the presence of demonic aura's about them. "Demons...?" She would whisper to her general in Draconic.

    "Show yourself!" Cobaltaan had no patience for this sort of thing, waving his arm out in front of him. After doing so, a ripple of energy would emerge from the two of them, spreading out through the area. His face remained showing his anger as their foes started to appear, his eyes melting into confusion as he gazed upon them. The beings were one of the most disgusting things he had ever seen; the top halves being as powerful as felguards, with the strong arms and horns upon their heads, their chests rippled with veins, bulging with muscles. The bottom halves though were what struck him as queer; they were like the bottom half of the guardian dragonkin, their dull scales and rotten flesh barely hanging onto their bones. They all had a different weapon ranging from metal chains to large contorted blades and even spiked maces. "What the Hell..." He would mutter, confused at what he saw.

    "General, what are those things?" She would ask him in Draconic as she stood to her feet, pulling her cloak about her tightly. "What are you?!" She would then call out to one of the beings in common, hoping for some sort of response. Their eyes just glowed back as a response, as they all started to growl lightly in chorus.

    "Stand back!" The general would issue out his order to the elven girl, pushing himself in front of her. "If they are what I suspect, there will be problems." He would speak in the elven tongue now, hoping the beings couldn't understand the language of the highborne.

    "Problems..." She would repeat to herself in common as she placed her hand upon her chest, starting to cast a spell in her own language. It was brought out and pointed towards Cobaltaan as she casted a protective spell on him.

    "Thank you, dearest Ceruleagos..." The general would hold both of his hands, palms up towards the sky, as he started to chant in another language unknown to her. His palms illuminated with an azure light as two long blades started to form above his hands. With a quick flick of his wrist, they would drop and he'd catch them by their hilts, holding them into his offensive stance. "Tell me who sent you!" He spoke in demonic this time, trying to get a response from the beings.

    That would fuel the creatures' rage, as they all rushed in to attack, enclosing the two elves and surrounding them quickly. "Was that wise?!" Ceruleagos shrieked at the general.

    "I have their attention now." He would smirk as he pushed himself forward, propeling towards one of the beings with an easier weapon - the metallic whip with blades attached to it. He watched it reel the whip back and try to strike at him and the general would let it strike against one of his blades. With a couple of twists, he had the whip wrapped around it and with a sharp tug, used it to bring the being towards him, his other blade greeting it's chest. He would free his blades and took a step back, still wearing the smile.

    The being would appear hurt and startled as it took a step back away from the general, staring at it's injury. Cobaltaan was pleased - these things were weak and he was strong and the strong would always outlive the weak. He'd bring one back alive for Malygos; he'd be quite interested in these beings. But he noticed the blood stopped pouring from the wound and this struck him as odd. He watched the wound heal up before his very eyes, the sly expression on his face melting off.

    "Cobaltaan!" Ceruleagos would cry out, her voice laced with fear. The very sound of it wrenched his heart as he turned around to see the female elf encased in a block of ice, a peaceful expression upon her face. She had four of the beings surrounding it, attacking it with their weapons, but not able to chip it.

    "Good girl ..." He would breathe out a sigh of relief, glad to know that his lover had quick enough reflexes to save her own life. He knew what the spell did - it kept her suspended for ten hours in ice, her mind living out in a dream world full of happiness. She wouldn't have to bear witness to the cruelty he was about to issue to these beings. He brought up his swords and went out towards them, ready to kill them all.

    It would be a few hours later when the ice would melt, leaving the elven woman standing there, her hand on her chest. She would open her eyes and look around, expecting the dead bodies of the beings and her general to be standing by, awaiting for her to awaken.

    What greeted her was nothing but the snowy plains of Winterspring.