• Ocean of Truth

    Hidden in Antarctica is a great world of magic. You know Antarctica isn’t really a frozen barren landscape that is just what the humans think and see but it actually has great forests and cities. It isn’t a whole solid continent but is many giant and tiny islands. They are full of wizards, knights, werewolves, vampires, rogues, some anthros, and one great Dinoninja. An anthro is a person that is cursed by a wizard to become half-human and half-animal. Every being in Antarctica has an aura and their own special talent. An aura represents what they stand for and who they are. Auras can be darkness, light, water, fire, poison, mixed, and there are other types too. One of the biggest islands is Dark Island where this story begins and where danger lurks around every corner. Whether you chose to come or not Dark Island is calling to you.

    Chapter 1: Luxe
    8 Years Ago

    A little boy named Luxe is waiting for his friend Keli to come. Keli is his best friend and is like him in a lot of ways. She has no family either but she lives with a town guard named Martin Cartwright . When she wanted to know about her ancestors and parents he would let her search in old records only certain people like guards could see. She learned that her family was a great clan of ninjas. So she vowed that one day she would become a ninja also. Luxe thought she was very nice when they met and they became best friends. So today Luxe asked if she would hang out with him in the Dark Woods because he was lonely.

    Luxe is pretty much always lonely because he has no family and no memory of his parents. When he was one his parents dumped him into a Dark City orphanage. So he made a lot of good friends and they became his family. Luxe only had one enemy a vampire named Havoc. Luxe hears a sound and looks over to a cottage that belongs to a mean old wizard. He was specialized in training people to become whatever they wanted to be like a ninja or a summoner and he had many books on how to become something.

    Luxe sees that Keli is trying to get into it. He runs over and tries talking to her. “Hey KELI!!! Don’t try to get in or the wizards gonna hurt you” Luxe yells at her while sprinting across the clearing. Keli kicks the door open and runs inside. “Keli!!! STOP!!!” Luxe yells. He runs inside and finds Keli looking at a book. “Keli what is so important that you risk your life breaking into a wizard’s house”? “Luxe I had to do this so I could become a ninja like the rest of my family and the only way I could learn was to find a trainers book and this wizard had one and Martin couldn’t afford it so I had to steal it” Keli explains. “Well then lets get out of here before he returns” Luxe says. So they start to head out when the wizard begins to walk towards his cottage. So Luxe and Keli start running away from the wizard. But he says a charm and stuns them so they can’t run away. “Well, well, well, what have we here? Oh two little kids stealing a book from a wizard tsk tsk kids today” the wizard says to them.

    He examines it and says to Keli “so little girl do you know the penalty for stealing from a wizard” he asks. She shakes her head at him. “Well I am going to have to put an anthra on you which will make you half-animal and half-human but I will be nice and let you pick what animal you want but hurry” he says. Luxe looks over at her and sees she looks scared so he says “Put the anthra on me and forget her and this incident” Luxe says. “No the anthra goes on the girl or both of you” the wizard tells them. Next Luxe started talking in a soft hypnotizing voice that didn’t sound like his. It was hypnotizing and later on he would learn that it was a part of his unique talent and how to use it. “Let her go and give us the book and leave” Luxe said. The wizard hands Keli the book and walks away. Then out of nowhere he gets out his wand and shoots an anthra curse at Luxe. Keli warns and jumps in the way but then it ends up hitting both of them. They then start running through the forest to their hideout. As their running their senses amplify and they can see further hear better and run faster. “Luxe what’s going on are we changing” Keli asks. Luxe nods his head and is looking through all the trees trying to find their clubhouse that Martin built for them and then he sees it covered with vines and leaves for cameo. Once they get there they rest and check out their new forms. Keli is part cat and has a tail, claws, cat ears, very sensitive hearing, and lightning fast reflexes. Luxe is now part raccoon and has a tail, raccoon ears, claws, great agility, and is very sneaky.
    Their personalities had a little of their animals inside them but didn’t change them very much. After that Keli offered Luxe a home and he accepted it. So then Keli and Luxe grew up together and became as close as a brother and sister. They would help each other out and would search together for information about who they were and their families. Then Luxe got finally got a lead on his parents.

    Chapter 2 Part 1 : The Beginning of a Journey
    Present Day

    While Luxe walks home he starts to think about how much he and Keli have changed and learned about each other. Luxe learns that he is a mind magician and can influence people (like in chapter1 with the wizard). Keli learns that she is an awesome ninja and has an aura of light. Luxe learns that he has an aura of water. Luxe then arrives home, he opens the door and… “Happy birthday”!!! Keli and Martin call to Luxe. “Thanks you guys are really nice ” Luxe says to Martin and Keli. Luxe then asks Keli if she wants to come and help him find out where his parents house was. She agrees and they leave the house when they hear someone trying to shadow them. Luxe jumps back and over the person and pulls out his twin katanas and puts them around the person’s throat. The Luxe looks at the person and sees that is Keli’s boyfriend Jason. He is really cool and funny and Keli lovesssss him. Jason has a black aura of darkness while Keli has a white aura of light. Funny thing is they are the most perfect couple you ever did see. “Jason what are you doin here” Keli asks him? “I was trying to catch up to you guys to see what was going on but your friend Luxe here thought I was a threat Jason explains to Keli while glaring at Luxe. “Sorry Jason it won’t happen again” Luxe apologizes. Because Jason comes from a very powerful family and can really hurt you. He can control shadows and make them do whatever he wants. Like once someone thought they could beat him up, but he used his power to make the kid’s shadow attack it’s owner. Luxe was kinda freaked out when that happened so he stayed away from him but of course he started going out with Keli.

    So Keli asks Jason if he wants to come along with them and he agrees. So they walk to the Dark Forest and start searching. Luxe thinks they should split up and meet at a small lake towards the entrance to the forest. Jason votes that they should all look together and Luxe and Jason start arguing. “We should split up so we can cover more ground” Luxe says. “Yeah but what if we don’t find each other” Jason retorts. Keli intervenes and yells “Lets just stay together but be spread out but close enough that we can see and hear each other” Keli suggests. The boys agree and they start walking. Luxe searches eagerly for a house while Keli is watching all the animals and beautiful landscape. Keli sees a beautiful lake with the sun setting right over it. “Hey guys do you wanna go over to that lake and see the sunset”? Luxe replies “Sure” and Jason goes “no”. But Keli and Luxe still go over there and watch the sunset together while Jason sits beneath a tree in the dark. Jason starts looking around and spies a house that has been burned down. “Hey guys look over there” Jason says while pointing over near the lake. They all get up and walk over to the remains of a house. Luxe can sense that this was his home. “This is it let’s search this place for any clues about my parents” Luxe announces. They all start searching for some clues that may tell Luxe about his identity about. “Hey guys look what I found” Keli says while holding up a silver container. Engraved on the top it says to my dear son Luxe. Keli gives it to Luxe so he can open it. He opens it and looks inside and finds a picture he guesses that it is a picture of his family. The people in it are labled, there is a woman with brown hair labled Luxe and Terra.
    Chapter 2 Part 2 : The Beginning of a Journey

    Luxe is looking at the picture and notices that there are other people. There is also a man that he thinks is his father and there is a boy next to him who looks like he is two-years old. The boy is labled and it says this is your brother Alexander. “Hey Luxe you have a brother?? You never told me you had a brother” Keli says. “I didn’t know either but look at all this stuff” Luxe tells Keli while shuffling through the contents in the container. He finds a baby book with his name on it and a letter addressed to him but the funny thing is that the date on it was from the year before. The address from where it was sent was Terra Aldridge from The Village of Midnight which was on the island Trinity . Jason comes over and asks what is in it. Luxe tells him “It is just a bunch of stuff my mom saved for me but we found a letter addressed to me a year ago from my mom but it was put in here”. “Huh that’s weird I thought they died or something no offense” Jason thinks out loud. “Hey Luxe open up the letter already” Keli retorts. He opens it up and reads it out loud to the group.
    “Dear Luxe,

    I am your mother Terra and you should know that I are not dead but I cannot see you so you must seek out your brother Alexander in the town of Avalon.