• England - 1234 (Fall Of Cydonia)

    The hooves of two black stallions clashed loudly against the rocky road. The sound abruptly stopped, There, infront of the dark castle, where dragons roamed and evil loomed in the air, were the last two knights of Cydonia. They were battleworn and weak, so excited and proud, as they were Cydonia's last hope to gain the rightful monarchy of England.

    The knights entered the castle, painfully, as that thier wounds were opening and bleeding more and more, with each step they took. The castle which seemed way more peaceful then the outside (where it was raining, and dragons dangerously roamed free), was comepletly empty, and only consisted of a flight of stairs. The two knights slowly but steadily walked up the fleet of stairs. One knight of the two brave knights had stopped; he was on the bridge of death.
    "And how can we win, when fools can be kings? Don't waste your time,or time will waste you,. With that the knight died, and the other knight laughed in disjust, and kept on up the stairs. Finally the last Knight of Cydonia reached the top of the stairs, which lead to fresh air.He was at the top of the castle, and infront of him was the Mortal Enemy of Cydonia. Weak, hopeless, and also on the bridge of death, the Last knight of Cydonia ran towards his enemy. The two men raised thier swords, and their was a loud clash of metal. The two swords met, and the men pushed forward, hoping to be the first one to kill the other. Cydonia's enemy was winning, and the Last Knight of Cydonia was now on his knees, struglingm to keep his sword up. It was now not up for offensive, but for protection.
    "No one's gonna take me alive! The time has come to make things right!" Like his partner, with those last words, he dropped his sword. Though this time, it was not wounds that made him die, but the enemy.
    "Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!" He screamed in pain, but it soon died out. With his sword, Exalibur, the horrible man stabbed the brave knight three painful times. The Last Knight Of Cydonia died a painful but heroic death, Cydonia later on that night died, and England was now ruled by a new leader, King Arthur! Cynodia was never to be spoken about ever again, and was wiped from history forever...