• Part 1
    A child of an evil race, but a kind heart

    A small, abandoned town is looked over by a large mountain range. This is the first level of a grand, underground city ruled by an evil goddess whom demands darkness with a side of blood. You can hear whispers, giggles, and cries from the now dead as you walk through the homes of the abandoned, but few venture here since the spiders that guard webs and venom. As you go lower, you’ll find a race of many from realms of chaos and evil that live somewhat peacefully with each other. The Under Dark some call it, but those who live here happily call it their heaven. No light reaches this underground city and nothing of a kind heart or angelic spirit can live here. This is the underground city named after its goddess that watches over it with jealous greed. The Drow city; Llothiasu!

    A woman with jet black skin sits on her throne as she breathes in gulps of air. Her silver-white hair is plastered to her sweaty forehead. The dark elf cries in pain as her blood red eyes start to glow evilly. She roars again as the walls shake and pieces of stone fall around her. Many others of her kind surround her with purple, velvet cloaks hiding their faces. They wear black diamond armor under their cloaks and they each support a scar on their foreheads of a black widow spider. One of them kneels down as the woman cries louder in pain. She looks down to see a jet black baby coughing, but not crying as it looks around with electric green eyes full of curiosity.
    “She does not like others” says the woman.
    “She also supports green eyes. Uncommon for Drows,”another mumbles.
    “Let me see her! Let me see my child!” roars the mother.
    The others cringe with fear as they shove the child into her arms. The mother smiles, then quickly frowns and glares at her servants.
    “Why does she have green eyes?” she snaps.
    “We do not know Mistress. It could be an omen or the father,”
    “She’s an abomination! A curse on our race! Get her out of my sight!”
    “But, she will need a name…”
    “This putrid filth deserves no name of the Dark Elves! Destroy her! Give me back her life!”
    “Even you, Mistress, must follow the laws of nature! We can not kill of what is not impure!"
    “Damn the laws! Kill her or I will!”
    They nodded and walked away quickly, carrying the child who seemed to understand everything. The hooded folk closed the doors and looked down at the baby. Some of them smiled as few gave a frown of pity, others looked away in shame.
    “What do we do now?” one of them asked.
    “What can we do? We can’t kill something of pure soul,”
    “She is odd for a Dark Elf. Green eyes and she didn’t cry from shock,”
    “Could it be a sign?” one of them grunted.
    Many of them nodded with fear as the baby sat there staring at them.
    “She must not be killed. This child is the daughter of Lloth; Goddess of Dark Elves and Demon Webs!”
    “We could keep her hidden and raise her on our own. Teach her the ways, then when she comes to age, we let Lloth see her,” the leader said.
    The others nodded with agreement as the baby giggled slightly. Suddenly, a large explosion was heard from a distance. Looking up quickly, the head Elf looked up and commanded the others to attack who ever or what ever had infiltrated the area as she held the child in her arms.
    At least ten, maybe twenty, skeleton soldiers rushed out of an opening of a new door way. They attacked mercilessly as they struck whoever chose to oppose them. When they saw the woman holding the baby, they quickly came to a halt and grinned evilly at her.
    “Who commands this raid? Who dares enter the Kingdom of Lloth!?” she roared angrily.
    “The child you’re holding of course,” said a male voice.
    “Who’s there? Show yourself, Coward!”
    “One so weak should not call someone so powerful a coward!” he snapped.
    The man jumped down from the ceiling as he looked at the Dark Elf with glowing green eyes. His hair was ghost white and his skin like yellow ivory. Giving a grin, he looked at the bundle in her arms and sighed. The child seemed to notice the great power within this man and stuck out her arms to him, whining and wanting him to hold her. Her cries became louder as he took a step back.
    “So, this is my daughter? She has my eyes…”
    “Are you truly the father of this child?”
    He nodded with a defiant smile and took the baby from her arms.
    “She has a name, yes?”
    The woman shook her head quickly.
    “Her own mother doesn’t even want her. She saw her eyes and despised her immediately,”
    “I’m not too surprised. Mother was not too keen on green eyes was she?” he cooed to his child.
    “You must leave; she may appear at any time…”
    “I will, but tell me this, what does she have planned for her?”
    “She ordered the abomination to be killed. I can see why now! Where ever that child is, trouble and death is sure to be seen! She truly is a disgrace to our race!” the woman snapped.
    “Don’t you dare say such a thing about my child! I should kill you for that remark!”
    “Do so and I will personally make sure she gets word of you being here!”
    The man bit his tongue and glared at the woman with a dark stare. Turning away his cape waved behind him. The skeletal soldiers followed him until they faded into the shadows. The woman sighed with relief and smiled with success.
    “Until we meet again Larcanthirrill,”