• Cya walked up to the war ship. It was intimidating, very, intimidating. It was huge, over a mile long, and humongously tall. It was an oval, dark burgundy red, and covered in strange letters and markings. But, she had waited far too long, three years too long for this to not happen. She had to do this. Even if it meant never returning. She walked, slowly up the path to the warship. Bracing herself for what would lie ahead. She reached the door. She took a deep breath, and continued forward. What she saw was surprising, yet, relieving. She saw a beautifull, wonderful person looking over a balcony. She had long, flowing dark brown hair. It was down completely, exept for two strands that ran down eiher side of her face. She was average height,and lean and beautifull.Azula, She had found her. After three long years of searching, Cya had found her long lost sister, Azula. The woman looked back, "Who are you?" she asked. "I...I... I'm.. your... sister. Azula, it's me, Cya." She studdered. "C-Cya?" she said in responce. Cya ran to Azula, and hugged her. The same was for her sister. "I thought you were... dead..." Azula said. "No," Cya said. "After you left with Instructor, I was sent to live with a family of dragon tamers, they were my foster parents. For almost three years I've been searching for you, I missed you."
    "Have you still practiced your Flamestriking?" Azula asked.
    "A little, although I'm not very good in combat. I've used it mostly to make whips to tame the dragons, my job was always to discipline them, I hated it."
    "I'm sorry you had to go through so much, I never meant to leave you. It's just that, Instuctor told me we would return soon. I didn't know he meant..."
    "I understand. But, Azula, what are you doing on this warship? You don't fight, do you?"
    "I rule the kingdom you see below us. This little empire was rebellious, but it came down after several attacks."
    "What?" Cya shouted. " What do you mean, came down?You didn't..."
    "Cya... to rule is a better life than to serve. I did it to prove to instructor that I was stronger than he had... intended. That old fool, he should have listened. He-"
    "Azula! What have you done? What are you doing? I can't beleive you destroyed an entire kingdom! You...you...you...monster! I can't believe you! What about instructor? Does he know about this?"
    "Cya, instructor was, well, foolish. He underestimated my power. He should have listened to my orders. Don't you see? I'm referred to as Queen Azula here. These lowly people worship me, they kiss the floor I walk on. They will do anything I please."
    "What happened to instructor? What did you do to him?" Cya backed away protectively.
    "Let's put it this way, he won't be visiting soon. Or ever, for that matter."
    "You didn't... No! Azula! What have you become?"
    Cya ran out of the entrance, not thinking about anything but running. She didn't care where she had to go, what she was going to do. All she needed to do, was to leave this place. She stopped running, and she thought something. Eight years ago, before Azula left, they were best friends. There was something gone wrong about her. She would never be this way, ever, without someone to force her to. She had to change her, even if it meant her being changed herself. It had to be done. It had to. Wether the reason be for herself, for the kingdom she had seen, or for the sheer want, for Azula's love again.

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