• Anya’s eyes slowly blinked open as the sound of low, annoying buzzing filled her ears. She slowly sat up from her bed, pressing down on the alarm to silence it, then rubbed her eyes to get rid of her tiredness.
    While she brushed her teeth she checked the calendar to make sure of the day. She smiled slightly then spit and washed out her brush, “Last week of school...”
    She stretched and pulled on her normal attire of tank top with a logo of her favorite band and worn down jeans, then walked out and inhaled deeply. The air never smelled sweeter than it did on this Monday morning, the birds were already bursting into song and the sky had cleared up from the storm the day before.
    She locked the door and walked down the damp stone path leading to the driveway. She took one glance at the intense red truck sitting there then shrugged, “It’s a nice enough day...”
    Anya walked up to the school building just in time for the home room bell to ring, she casually walked through the sea-green colored doors at the front then walked down the hall to her home-room, taking a seat at the usual corner, with her friends chatting excitedly around her.
    “I heard we have new students here!”
    “Oh yea! Did you see that one, he was like a monster.” The chatty brunette stretched her hand as far as it could go above her head, “I swear he was ‘this’ much taller than me!”
    A tall, stick-like girl with dyed navy hair walked up behind the girl, pressing her hand forcefully against her head, “Liyl... Anyone can be outrageously taller than you...”
    The girl blinked up at her and shook her head, “You only say that ‘cause you’re freakishly tall, Ren...”
    Anya smiled as the taller girl hit the shorter extremely hard on the head, making her cry out and starting ruckus in the classroom, as they did everyday since high school started.
    Then, as two much taller boys walked in, the room grew quiet, as if they brought with them a blanket of calm that engulfed the rebelling classroom. They walked over to two seats that were right next to the door and turned away from each other. The teacher that walked them in walked over to the stressing math teacher at her desk, then told her something. She nodded slowly then waved him off and left the class to continue in their silent festivities.
    Anya blinked as she stared across the room towards them, “Are those the guys you were talking about, Liylia?”
    She followed her gaze then nodded, “Yea.” She turned back, smiling, “Mysterious, aren’t they?”
    Anya’s eyes swam with curiosity as she watched them, unmoving, not seeming to make any attempt to converse with the people around them. She gauged their expressions, taking in the stern looks almost, depressing gazes in their eyes, “They’re suffering from something...”
    The brunette looked over at her peer and blinked, “Neh?” She looked up to Ren, “How does she know that?”
    The taller girl crossed her arms, smiling slightly as she saw Anya’s concentrated look, “She knows how to read people by their eyes and facial expressions...”
    She continued to watch them until the darker haired boy looked up at her, meeting her eyes and, unblinkingly, staring back. Eventually, Anya withered under his glaring and looked away, biting her lip to stop it from shaking.
    Ren walked over to her and knelt beside her, blinking at her slightly frightened expression, “What’s wrong?” She went to look at them while she spoke, “What happe-“
    ”Don’t.” She smiled slightly, shaking her head, “It’s nothing... Just got caught.”
    The ebony haired girl hesitated then smiled and nodded, standing as the bell rang, “Okay. Whatever you say, An.”
    The two girls walked silently to the corner farthest away from the other clicks and groups in the gym, Anya sighed and stuffed her hands in her pockets, “I really hope they don’t come over and question me about it...”
    Ren chuckled and shook her head, “They seem kinda anti-social... I doubt they’ll come talk to you about just catching you staring at them.” She shrugged, “The rest of the room was doing it, I doubt there’s a difference between them and you.”
    Anya nodded slowly and sighed, falling back against the wall and closing her eyes as she slowly slid down, “I guess you’re right...”
    “Your name is Anya Simard, isn’t it?”
    The hairs on the back of Anya’s neck stood up as the man spoke; she slowly opened her eyes to see the tall, dark haired boy from before, his hands awkwardly shoved into his back pockets and his body leaning over Ren’s shoulder.
    She gulped and slowly nodded, meeting Ren’s surprised eyes for a moment before standing fully and bowing, “Eheh... I’m sorry I was staring before...”
    He shrugged, “It’s okay...” His eyes flashed over her and he grinned, grabbing her arm and dragging her away before either of the two girls knew what was going on.
    Anya gasped as she was thrown to the ground, a cloud of dirt rising from where she fell. She coughed and few times and looked up, seeing the blonde from before. His calm blue eyes scanned her and he looked over to the other, “Are you sure this is the girl they were talking about?”
    He nodded, “They said Anya, I checked her name first and I remember her face from the classroom.”
    He nodded silently and turned to her, “Good...” He helped her up and recrossed his arms and fell back against the wall he was leaning against, “You can read people, correct?”
    She blinked and gulped, dropping her eyes to the ground as she felt that same depression creep in from making eye-contact, “Mmhmm...”
    The two boys glanced at each other again then smiled slightly, “We need you to do us a favor, Miss Simard...”
    She yelped as the dark haired boy threw her over his shoulder and carried her away, “Gah! Put me down!”

    Anya sighed as they finally made it up to the building, her hands falling onto her knees as she tried to catch her breath, “Geez...” She slowly looked up at the two, barely winded boys, “Did you guys really have to run?”
    The blonde looked back at her and smiled, “We kinda want to get this over with.”
    She growled, “I’m only human...”
    The taller looked back at her, his expression bewildered, “W-what do you mean?”
    She rolled her eyes, finally able to catch her breath, “I’m not machines like you two are...” She crossed her arms, “You didn’t even break into a sweat...” She pulled at her clothes, “I’m drenched!”
    The blonde sighed and shook his head, “Let’s just go in...”
    Anya blinked and slowly nodded, following the two into the ominous looking building. Inside there were broken down machines and destroyed tables and chairs. Long red banners hanging in the halls were torn and ripped and under their feet glass of vials crunched and snapped. Anya shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, looking around nervously as they proceeded, “Ooh... This place is creepy...”
    The dark haired boy scoffed, shaking his head, “All of this is nothing compared to who runs it...”
    She blinked, “It’s still running?” She set her eyes to the ground, her pace slowing a bit, “I thought it was shut down generations ago...”
    He nodded, “It was, but...” He shot a quick glance at the other, as confirmation to go on, then turned to her as he spoke, “There was one scientist here that was doing secret experimentations and once the word that the Lab would be shut down he acted like he was going with the rest of them, but instead waited for them to all leave and moved back in to continue his cruel and torturous experiments.
    “He first used animals for specimens… Testing simple things at first, easy concoctions and such.” He sighed, crossing his arms and closing his eyes as he saw her curious expression, “Then… He found these special ‘animals’ that had human properties, they could walk like humans and speak like humans, and, an aspect that was the most intriguing for him, venom.”
    She blinked, “Eh? What do you mean by venom?”
    His jaw tightened and he shook his head, “Well… These animals had… A disease. One of them would crave the blood of it’s own kind that lack the disease, and the other would change into a feral form that… Well, can’t control itself and only acts with the virus’ instincts.”
    She nodded slowly, “And what did he do with those animals?”
    He flinched and looked away, turning back around and running up to the other, “You’ll find out soon…”
    The next room they walked into made Anya’s stomach churn. There were animals running into the cages, trying to break the glass and lunge out at the group, “Wh-what the hell happened to them?”
    The blonde lightly touched his fingers to one of the cages, making the dog within it growl loudly and slam into the cage repeatedly. He grimaced and looked over his shoulder at her, “Doctor Felix Roch...”
    She tightened her jaw and dropped her eyes to the floor, walking forward slightly, “That doctor you were telling me about...?”
    The dark haired boy nodded, “The one and only...”
    She gulped and wrapped her arms around herself, “You said he started with animals...” She slowly looked up at them, “What about humans...?”
    The boy standing near the cage smiled slightly, “They escaped...”
    She shook her head, “What about... the effects...” She looked back to the dark haired boy, “What did it do to them?”
    They both smiled slightly and glanced at each other, “It did the same as it did with the animals. Only, they had it on a more ‘concentrated’ level.” The blonde looked over at her, “It would otherwise kill them if the dosage was too much.”
    She gulped and shivered, “Let’s... Let’s get this over with...”
    They continued through the building, through seemingly endless halls and eerie rooms containing experiments of the crazed doctor. Anya’s body trembled from fear as her eyes scanned over the poor creatures that slammed against cages and, with the few that were out, rushed them, only to be knocked away by the blonde’s boot.
    “Okay, Anya... We can stop...”
    She looked up, they were in what seemed to be the back room of the Lab, a large, and fairly new, painting hung on the spacious back wall, portraying a very pale man that had bruise-like marks under his eyes and a sickly thin face.
    “Who’s the girl?”
    The dry, croaky voice sent shivers up and down her spine, her eyes fell to a tall, lanky figure who was shrouded in the darkest corner of the room. He walked out a bit to reveal the same face as in the painting, her throat convulsed as she saw his almost crimson lab coat, patches of the original white color here and there.
    “Just a friend... Now what was that offer of yours, Doctor?” She turned to look at the blonde for a moment then turned back to the man as he stealthily nodded back.
    She set her eyes into staring directly into the man’s, her entire body becoming engulfed with a great, overpowering feeling of dread as his eyes shot back to hers. She bit onto her lip and tightened her hands into fists in her pockets, “I need some of Ternous’ venom, in exchange I’ll free all of those people and cure them.”
    The dark haired boy, Ternous, narrowed his eyes, “How do we know you’ll keep your end of the deal?”
    The man’s eyes swam with curiousity as he stared at her, eventually they left and looked to Tern, “We’ll shake on it, mutt.”
    Another shiver ran up Anya’s spine as she heard a low growl emit from the fairly small boy to her side. His eyes squeezed shut and he inhaled deeply to try and regain his composure, “Give us something... We’ll give it back once you’re finished...”
    The doctor frowned and sighed, nodding, “Fine.” He turned away from them for a moment then reached up into a cabinet, pulling out a vial of dark purple liquid and a syringe, “I can’t do any experiments with these, so take them.” He shot his eyes back to Anya, the sadistic curiousity from before filling them, “If anything happens to those, I’ll have myself a new wolf skin rug, mutt.”
    Ternous held out his hands, his entire body trembling with self-control, “Fat chance, sicko...”
    The blonde sighed, “Well, I’m sorry doctor but we really must be going.” He grabbed Anya’s arm and started pulling her to the door, “Come on, Ternous.”
    Anya kept her eyes on the man until the doors cut them off, she could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing up as the doctor mouthed, “You’re next.”
    As soon as her eye contact was cut off she gasped and collapsed to the ground, clasping her throat and wincing as her stomach churned painfully.
    Ternous’ eyes turned to worry and he handed off the vial and syringe to the blonde, “Revan, take these...” He knelt beside her, rubbing her back as drops of blood leaked out through her clenched teeth, “What’s wrong?”
    She gagged, her eyes trembling and tears blurring her already weakened vision, “His... his eyes...” She coughed, her hand flying up to her mouth to keep blood spilling onto the ragged crimson carpet, “They... they were demon’s eyes...”
    Ternous glanced up to Revan for a moment then looked back to her, “Anya... Breathe...”
    She shook her head, drawing in an unsteady breath and nearly hacking up more blood, “I can’t...”
    He sighed, “Please, An... You need to calm down...”
    She shook her head, “That feeling... The feeling that came over me when he stared at me...”
    He gulped and looked back at Revan, “What the hell did he do to her?”
    He shrugged, staring at her terribly shaking body, “I don’t know...” He looked back to the room, “I’ve never seen anyone react to him like that before...”
    Tern’s eyes searched the floor for a moment then he looked at Anya, his voice dropping just barely above a whisper, “I’m going to pick you up and carry you out of here...” He gently tucked one arm under hers and slowly pushed her back, tucking his other under her legs and lifting her up, “If you still don’t feel well I’m taking you to the hospital.”
    Revan sighed, “We should wash all that blood off of her first...” He shrugged as the other boy blinked back at him, “We don’t want the police getting involved in this... And with all of that blood she’s bound to be questioned...”

    Anya looked up at Tern as they walked through the front doors, “I’m feeling better...”
    He smiled slightly, “That’s good... I’ll take you back to school then...”
    She blinked then dropped her eyes to the ground, “What was that doctor talking about when he said he needed your venom?”
    Ternous’ eyes widened for a moment then he relaxed, smiling slightly, “Heh… You looked so intent when you were reading him… I thought you wouldn’t hear…”
    Revan grumbled behind him, his fingers idly itching at the back of his head, “He’s a wolf.”
    The dark haired boy’s jaw tightened and he spun around, hissing at the boy behind him, “I thought we said we wouldn’t let her find out about that! We aren’t supposed to let anyone get involved!”
    He shrugged, “It’s a bit too late, she already heard. It’s useless to lie and hide it from her.” He sighed, dropping his hands to his sides and sliding them into his pockets, “Besides… She’ll need to know, he’s after her.”
    Anya’s body stiffened in Tern’s arms and she gulped, “What’s he going to do to me…?”
    They ignored her, “So what are we going to be now, her body guards?!”
    “We have no choice. We can’t let him get her.” Revan’s eyes dropped to her, narrowing slightly as he spoke, “Who knows what would happen if he had her ability.”
    She tightened her hands around Tern’s neck and sighed, “Will one of you please… Tell me what’s going to happen.”
    Ternous blinked down to her as Revan walked up, “He’ll do the same as he did to the other humans… And he’ll torture you, trying to make you stronger to kill us and all the others who know of him.”
    She groaned, “Why…”
    Revan stared at her for a little longer then scoffed, “You really should know from going through there.” He walked ahead of them, his feet dragging over the ground loudly, as a request to move forward, “He’s a lunatic, he does lunatic things, he doesn’t want anyone to stop him and anyone to know, so he’ll kill all the ones that threaten to do that.”
    Anya lowered her head and sighed, “I see…” She went quiet for a long moment then looked back up to Tern, “Do I really have to go back to school?”
    He glanced up to Revan, who shrugged and started to move faster, “You’ll have to come back with us.”
    She blinked, tilting her head, “Why?”
    “Because we need to watch you, we need to make sure that b*****d doesn’t lay a hand on you.”
    She nodded slowly, “I see…” She looked up to where Revan should have been, only to see a cloud of dust from him running off, “Um… Where’d he go?”
    He shook his head, “He’s going to get your things from school and some clothes for you.”
    She blinked, “I can’t even go home to get my things and tell my parents I won’t be there?”
    He smiled slightly, “Nope, you can call them when you get to our place, if you want.”
    She nodded again, “Okay…”
    What did I get myself into…?

    Anya yelped as Tern dropped her onto the hard, and very dusty couch. She coughed a few times and looked up at him, “Wh-what was that for?!”
    He blinked and shrugged, “Sorry.”
    She sat up and brushed off as he walked away, she grumbled and sat back, crossing her arms, “Nice first impression there…”
    He walked back in and handed her a very fancy cell phone, “Here.”
    She raised an eyebrow and took the phone, quickly dialing her parents cell number and putting the phone to her ear, smiling after she heard it pick up after the first ring, “Hello?”
    “Hi, Mom, it’s me, Anya.”
    She could almost hear her mother’s smile through the phone, “An! Oh hon, why are you calling?” Her mother’s voice suddenly turned to worry, “What happened, did you break your ankle again? I told you to sit out when your class was rollerblading…”
    She frowned as she heard Ternous snort from within the room he entered while she talked, “No, Mom… I’m okay. I just wanted to tell you that I’m spending the week over at a friend’s house.”
    “Oh, alright.” Her voice perked back up, “Hope you have fun dear!” There was a long silence then her father’s voice came over the phone, “Could we have their number just in case we want to call?”
    She blinked then started to pull the phone away to ask when, out of nowhere, his hand dropped down in front of her, a sheet of paper with the number scrawled across it squeezed between his finger tips. She glared at him for a while then snatched it out of his hand, and read it off to her parents.
    “Okay, thanks An. We’ll talk to you sometime soon, bye pumpkin.”
    Her face turned bright red as they hung up. She shut the phone and glared up at Ternous, who was bursting out in laughter, “Shut up!” She chucked the phone at him, only to get him to laugh harder.
    She grumbled and crossed her arms, looking away from him. There was a knock on the door and, after no response, it opened. Revan looked around then blinked at Anya; narrowing his eyes as he looked back over to Tern, “What’d you do to her?”
    He inhaled deeply, trying to regain his composure, “N-nothing…”
    He sighed and tossed Anya her backpack and a duffle bag full of clothes, “Get changed into those.”
    She blinked, unzipping it and pulling out a dark grey jacket that she didn’t recognize, “Why?”
    He glared over to Ternous, who was poking his head out and watching her intently, “Turn around!” He kicked him into the room and walked in after him, “We want to confuse your scent.”
    She raised an eyebrow and dug through the bag, “So… You bought me new clothes?”
    “No, just took some of your sister’s clothes, since she wasn’t using them.”
    She blinked, examined one of the shirts for a while then gasped, “Oh… These are hers.”
    She jumped as she heard a different, rough voice from the room, “Just take off your clothes already!”
    Her face turned beet red and she stared at the door for a while, just barely seeing Tern’s head being pulled back in, being followed by a loud grunt of him being hit, “Ow, dammit! I was joking!”
    She sighed and put the bag down next to her, “Thanks, Revan…”

    Anya tugged at the bottom of the small, grey hoodie she pulled out earlier then looked to the room, “Okay, you can come out now.”
    She jumped as Tern flew out of the room, then fell flat on his face on the floor, then blinked as Revan stepped over him, “What did you do to him?”
    He blinked at her then looked back, smiling slightly, “That he did to himself… He was running while I was holding him, so when I let go he took off and ran right into the wall…”
    She chuckled and rolled her eyes, “Is he always like this?”
    He shrugged, “A pervert, no, and idiot, all the time...”
    Tern groaned and slowly lifted his head from the carpet, poking Revan’s calf very hard, “I can still hear you, blood sucker...”
    He smiled slightly and shrugged, “Atleast I don’t change into a mangy dog...”
    He growled, his eyes flickering with anger. He shot up from the floor so he stood eye to eye to Revan, “You want to say that again to my face?”
    He shook his head, “Nope, you heard it the first time.”
    As Revan walked off to the back room of the small house Tern crossed his arms and looked off, glaring at the wall, “Stupid vampire...”

    [3 Days Later]

    Anya sighed as Revan and Ternous walked into the house, returning from school, “You guys sure seem happy.”
    The dark haired boy beamed and nodded, “Yea, we are.” He fell onto the couch next to her and wrapped his arm around her, “Don’t be too happy, but guess which teacher got fired today?”
    She blinked a couple times then grinned, “No way, you’re kidding!!”
    He nodded excitedly, “Nope! She’s going to be gone next year, she has a sub for tomorrow.”
    He smiled, like someone would if they were telling a joke and just got to the best part, “She hit Erica with a ruler and made her bleed.”
    Anya’s eyes popped open, “Two people I hate in one?”
    He nodded and her face fell, she sighed and fell back into the couch, “Damn...”
    Revan blinked over the book he cracked open as he sat across from them at her, “What’s wrong?”
    She grumbled and crossed her arms, “I wasn’t there to see it.”
    Tern’s smile almost enveloped his face and he shook his head, “You’re crazy...”
    They all blinked as they heard the cellphone ring, before Anya could even react Tern reached down and picked it off the table, glanced at the screen then handed it to her, “Your mother.”
    She took the phone from him then put it to her ear, “Hello?”
    “Oh, Miss Simard, you have a very nice voice.”
    Her eyes widened at the low, creaky voice on the other end. Her lips parted to speak when she heard him speak again, “Please don’t talk, Anya. You don’t want your parents to get hurt.”
    She slowly closed her mouth and looked over to Tern, who was giving her a curious look, “Now, answer this for me. Did Ternous get that venom for me?”
    She gulped, “No.”
    The two got up and moved closer to her, in an attempt to pick up his low voice, “I see... Okay, then, Miss Simard. I’ll tell you what, if you can come back here in five minutes, I’ll allow them to live.” Her heart skipped as she heard her mother’s muffled voice cry in pain, “Make sure Ternous follows you, goodbye.”
    As soon as he hung up she shut the phone and stood up. She winced and turned away as Revan spoke, “What’s wrong, Anya.”
    She inhaled deeply, in an attempt to keep her composure, “How far is my house from here...?”
    Ternous took a step closer to her, grabbing her as she tried to move away, “Anya...” He slid his hand under her chin and tilted her head up to his, “Please... Tell us what happened.”
    She stared at him for a long while then looked away, “He’s got my parents.”
    Tern’s hands tightened around her and he growled, releasing her before his body started to tremble with anger, “********...”
    Revan stared at her for a long while then sighed and walked out the door, grabbing her, “Let’s go get them, then.”
    The dark haired body kicked the door back open as it started to shut then yelled after them, “How the hell did he find them, Revan?! I thought you said you covered her scent!”
    He hesitated for a moment then sighed again and continued forward, “I guess I didn’t cover them well enough.”
    He flinched as Tern ran up to him and grabbed him by the throat, lifting him up from the ground, “Bullshit... You don’t care about humans... So you purposefully left her uncovered.”
    He glared at him for a long time then brought his knee up into his jaw, causing him to release his throat, “You’re an idiot... You know that?” He walked up to him then knocked him to the ground, pressing his boot forcefully against Tern’s throat, “You’re here, trying to blame something that goes wrong on somebody else, and wasting the already little time we have.” He growled and pressed harder, making him gag, “That really makes me sick, you mutt.”
    He pulled his leg away, giving him one last kick before lifting Anya from the ground and running off at full speed to where the Doctor waited.
    Ternous slowly rose from the ground, clutching his throat, and stared after him. After a few moments he sighed and lowered his head, placing it in his hands, “Dammit...”

    Anya glanced at her watch as they made their way up the road to her home, “Four minutes...”
    Revan sighed and started to slow as they came up to her driveway, “Don’t worry, Anya.” He set her on the ground and gently pushed her down, “I’ll make sure your parents aren’t hurt. Just stay here, don’t move.”
    She whined and started to get up again, “You can’t expect me to sit here while my parents might be dying.”
    He shook his head, “No, but you have to.” He pushed her down again then walked up to the deathly quiet home, “I’m sorry.”
    She watched sadly as he walked off then sighed, dropping her eyes to the ground, “Just because I’m human... I can’t do anything around these people just because of that...”
    She stared at the ground for a while longer than looked back up, seeing and hearing nothing from the still quiet house. She grumbled and stood up, “I’m not just going to sit here and wait for him...” She walked up to the house and gently grasped the handle, shivering at how cold it felt, then turned it and pushed the door open.
    She peeked around and slowly stepped in, “Hello? Mom?” She shut the door behind her and walked in a few steps, “Dad?”
    “They... They aren’t here anymore...”
    She blinked at the voice, “Revan?” She took a few more steps forward then jumped as he stopped her.
    “You... Really don’t want to see this, Anya...”
    She shook her head and walked in, “I can take it...” As soon as the door opened a rotten smell assaulted her nostrils, she cupped her hand over her mouth and nose and stared around as the crimson stained room, “What... the hell...”
    The blonde standing in the center of the room slowly turned to her, his face and clothes speckled with blood, “I’m sorry, Anya...”
    Her legs felt like they were water under her, she felt tears stinging her eyes and her throat turn painfully dry. She swallowed a few times in a futile attempt to regain some sort of composure then dropped her hand back to her side, staring at him she asked, “What did he do to them...”
    He shook his head, “You don’t want to kn-“
    Her hands tightened into fists and she clenched her jaw so tight it started to numb, “God dammit, Revan! What the ******** did he do to my parents?!”
    He watched her with his eerily calm eyes for a few moments then sighed and looked away, “I walked in... And when he saw that you weren’t with me... He tore your mother’s head off, then her arms and her legs... And as I tried to get your father away he tore his heart out.”
    She remained silent for a while then swallowed, wincing in pain as she did, and looked around the room, “What about their bodies...”
    He bit down onto his lip, a small bead of blood forming where his canine stabbed in, and crossed his arms, “I’m sorry... He took them before I could move...”
    Anya nodded slowly, putting on a fake smile to show that she was going to be okay, “I see...” She closed her eyes and covered her mouth again to hide her trembling lips, “Atleast... They’re in a better place...”
    He watched her for a few moments then sighed and walked out past her, “I’ll leave you alone for a while...”
    As soon as the door clicked shut after him she collapsed on the ground, her arms wrapping around her body and trembling with the horrendous sobs from her. She could see the event he described as clear as day in her head, as if she had been there when he tore them apart. Her entire body felt cold with the realization that she was now alone, her siblings had left, her other guardians had passed on, and now she was alone with her parents passing on.
    “What’s wrong, Miss Simard?”
    Her eyes slowly opened and she sniffled and looked around the room for the voice.
    “Do you miss your parents...?”
    She slowly dropped her head to her knees and gulped, now recognizing the voice, “W-w-what d-do you w-want...?”
    He scoffed, his voice sounding deeply hurt by her reaction, “I just thought you’d want to see your mother’s face again...”
    She blinked a few times then lifted her head, “I can...?”
    He hesitated for a moment, “Of course...” She heard him shuffling around the room for something for a while then felt him up behind her, “Here she is...”
    Anya’s eyes met her mother’s lifeless ones, blood speckled across her white cheeks and blood still dripping from her ripped throat and part of her spinal cord. She stared at the disembodied head for a while then shot back and screamed at the top of her lungs, “You b*****d!”
    She turned and looked up at the Doctor to see him smiling, a chilling, eerie expression in his eyes, “Oh? You didn’t want to?” He sighed and shrugged, whipping the head to the wall and causing it to break into pieces, “What a shame...”
    She growled and lowered her head, “You sick ********...”
    He grinned wider, “Atleast now you won’t have anything distracting you from your work, Miss Simard...” She yelped as he grabbed her by the back of the head and lifted her up, “No relatives to tempt you to run away.”
    She winced and reached her hands up to his, “Let go of me...”
    He watched her with a half-lidded and uncaring expression then sighed, “Please cooperate with me, Miss Simard. You’re the most potential I’ve had in a long time...”
    She glared down at him then swung her foot into his stomach, wincing as it didn’t seem to effect him, “I’m never going to do what you say...”
    He stared at her for a long while then growled and spun towards the wall, slamming her skull into it repeatedly until a large, dripping, crimson spot was left behind. He pulled her away and dropped her to the ground, sighing as she curled up and cried more, “Come on, Miss Simard, you need to calm down.”

    Revan blinked as he heard Anya yelling inside the house, he knocked softly on the door and placed his hand on the door knob, “Anya? Everything okay in there?”
    As he tried to twist the knob it didn’t move, he attempted to push it in then sighed after no success. He gently pressed his ear to the door to hear better and closed his eyes.
    “Miss Simard, you need to calm down.”
    His eyes popped open and he cussed, “s**t...”
    He backed up a few steps then ran into the door in an attempt to knock it down, then winced as his shoulder popped at the contact. He grabbed it and snapped it back into place then stared at the door, “What the hell did he do to it...”
    He blinked as he heard a deep, scratchy voice behind him, “Move...”
    She shivered as the same feeling from before in the lab crept over her, a deep, panicky feeling. She groaned and rolled onto her stomach to let the blood she knew was going to come flow freely out her mouth.
    She yelped in pain as the Doctor kicked her side, knocking her into the wall again, “Will you please get up, Miss Simard?”
    She slowly shook her head and held her stomach as a harsh coughing fit started, blood flying out of her mouth straight onto the floor. He narrowed his eyes and growled, swiping his foot at her again and breaking most of the ribs on her right side. She cried out in pain and rolled to the side again, “P-please s-stop...”
    He shook his head and pressed his foot against her throat, “You can’t take this?” He scoffed and almost crushed her neck with his shoe, making her gag, “That’s really sad... I should’ve known you wouldn’t be worth anything...”
    She reached her trembling hands up to his foot and closed her eyes. Her body was slowly failing her and her consciousness was quickly fading. She was going to join her parents soon. She opened her eyes so they were only opened to a slit and stared up to the Doctor’s black eyes. She felt her lips move, she felt her voice box rumble with the soft words she spoke, but her mind couldn’t recognize them.
    Just as her brain started to shut down and her hands started to loosen around his foot, she figured out what she had said.
    “Tern, help me...”

    In the next moment a flurry of noises, shapes, and scents assaulted her senses. She felt the pressure on her neck lessen and a loud screeching as a small dark figure blurred by her. She slowly turned her head toward the blur and gasped as a splash of red arched above her. She heard glass shattering then felt soft -and wet- fingertips against her cheek, “Anya...”
    She blinked a few times in a futile attempt to clear her vision then groaned. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t get anything out.
    Am I still going to die?
    “Anya, please... Say something.” The voice now sounded panicked, another hand grasped her shoulder and gently lifted her off of the cold, hard ground to a softer and warmer place, “Anything... Please, Anya...”
    After no response she heard him cuss loudly and heard another voice come in, “Is she dead?”
    She felt the person tremble then sigh, “Please don’t say that, Revan...”
    “Heh... Sorry...” There was a long silence between the two, “Try biting her...”
    “What?! No! Why?!”
    The other figure sat next to him and place his hand against her cheek, then turned to him, “She’s going to die in a few minutes... If you bite her there’s a possibility that she’ll live...”
    There was another long silence then a heavy sigh and she was lifted off of the warm lap back to the cold floor, “I’m sorry, Anya...” The voice cracked and she felt a small pressure on her right forearm, “Please forgive me for this...”
    After a few moments she felt a terrible electric feeling run through her body, stemming from the pressure on her arm. Her eyes popped open fully, screaming, she thrashed under the person holding her down, “It hurts! Stop! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!!!”
    All the feeling except the electricity faded from her body. She could hear a loud yelling nose and someone stomping away; accompanied with a sweet, rustic smell.
    After a few more moments the pain melted away with her feeling and she calmed down. She let out a long, shaky sigh and slowly closed her eyes.
    “Is it done?”
    She heard someone gulp and sigh, “Yea... Geez, her nails tore right through me...”
    “I really could have used a warning there... I was about ready to jump you when she made you bleed...”
    “Tch... Thanks, that’s really nice to know...”
    The rest of their conversation was lost when she was taken in by sleep. Over the next week her dreams would be haunted by this night, the stench of rotting corpses and the inhuman gaze of the crazed doctor. Then, when she woke up, she knew her life would never be the same again.