• Chapter 1
    Allie walked into the narrow hallway filled with large bouquets of flowers and stopped in awe, she walked towards a bouquet or red roses in which the rest of the room was filled with and picked up a note that came with it.
    To my dearest Allie,
    I’m so sorry for everything please forgive me.
    There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time
    I love you.
    I have loved you since the day I met you when I said it before I meant it, and I am sorry to have put you through what I did.
    Allie stared at the note; its card was a creamy colour with an intricate painting of a red rose rising up the side of it, which looked as though it was melting down the page. She managed to take her eyes of the note in a shocked manner and waded her way through the masses of different coloured roses around her. She walked into her room which was a dark red colour with a gold border going round and stopped when it came to a small wooden door that is painted a cream colour. Opposite to the door a large window covered with big heavy cream curtains, touched the floor. The room was very neat and tidy, and she had barely any personal belongings out, but they were all packed away in a large cupboard that stood tall in the corner of the room. Allie flopped onto her bed and held her teddy tightly, shutting her eyes as thoughts and images came flashing before her. She held firmly onto her age-old teddy bear that had only one eye now and had faded in colour, its limbs had become frail with its one eye still black as ebony and its smile comforting.

    Chapter 2
    This is the story of my life, yes I’m Allie and this is how my life got complicated.
    I was walking to university, oh yes that’s right Uni’. I’m about 6ft and have long brown hair, hazel eyes, olive skin, oh and that’s because I’m half Asian and I am a very religious catholic although I may not seem it. I think, that in my life I was always meant to become one of them child rebels. It all started in high school when I started skipping classes because I hated the teachers, being honest I actually only skipped a few, and its not like I didn’t not do well in it. Well anyway I was walking down the crowded area of Newcastle, oh yes Newcastle, I wanted to go to oxford but I figured if I chose it, you know with it being really hard to get in and all that I might not get in. These days you have to choose only four universities; my sister went to go do medicine all the way in Edinbrough! And you know that place is really hard to get into. Well I was meeting my friend who I have been friends for a long time, oh she’s Sara, she always wanted to do law, we were thinking to doing a law firm together for some time, that dream isn’t over, at least I don’t think so. We had a little group in high school, there was me, Chloe who was a Cantonese girl, Harriette and Sara they had been my friends for ages but she had been friends with me since I was about four years old, it was amazing how we still stayed in touch for so long but we did, and are friendship now has never been stronger. Well anyway back to the tale. When I met Sara at, Starbucks, wow! Starbucks is just the best place to meet up with friends; well we have so much fun in there it is unreal. Its like pizza hut! It’s our second home basically; we always get our breakfast from there, a bagel and some coffee, just to wake us up a bit. We are planning to get a flat together at the end of the year, and we cant wait so whenever we see each other we always scream and hug each other in this girly fashion, its very funny if your watching, its like we haven’t seen each other for weeks or years even!

    “OH. MY. GOD!!! SARA!” I scream as loud as my voice can go, which is very loud may I say. The whole of Starbucks quietens with their eyes pointing in our direction.
    “ALLIE! HOW ARE YOU???” Sara screams back at me, which isn’t half as loud as me but it will do. We do our greeting in a rather loud manner then grab our regular bagel and coffee, and of we go to University, finally. We walk past a lot of shops, maybe even popping our heads round the corner of the a few, ok so we walk into a lot, but Primark, well that is the place to go into whenever you go into town, I mean past town, or whatever, just past Primark. I mean you have to go in it, it’s like a drug. You take it once and you get addicted, well maybe, I mean if you’re not a fan of drugs of Primark then you must go seek medical advice.
    Well anyway back to the story. Ok. So we arrive at Uni’ and maybe we are an hour late but its ok, its only once. Ok maybe a lot but its our first year, we are excited about moving in together, and in a very non-sexual way may I say. Well we walked into class and the teacher gives us the same old glare, but this time stops us from creeping to our seats giggling, but motions us to the front of the theatrically designed classroom.
    “ And your late again I see. Why? Oh, did the dog run wild again? Or did something new happen today?” The bald man stared at us intently. His bloodshot eyes looking tired as he had large dark rings under his eyes. He was a young man but looked older than his age. We all make fun of him because he’s just such great entertainment. He always reminded us of our old Business Studies teacher who left, I think because of us. We always used to make fun of the way he stood and how his writing on the board didn’t go in straight lines and stupid little things like that. Being honest he was a really bad teacher or was it because he never paid attention in class; eating, texting and throwing notes very noticeably across the classroom that might have been one reason why we never learned? I like to go with the first one, but who wouldn’t if you had the option not to blame it on you and get away with it?
    “Well we…” I was in the middle of explaining one of my extremely dramatic excuses when he stops me to say he doesn’t want to hear my excuses, which I could see would be perfectly fine seeing as he has had to put up with us for ages now, and tells us to not be late again or there will be consequences. Oh dear, a few weeks in and not a good start. When we get back to our seats though all we can do is giggle and absent windingly write the notes from the board while actually sending funny notes to each other, talking about tonight. The big party.

    Chapter 3
    We arrive at this massive house with pillars standing strong and tall marking the entrance; it reminds me of the white house but its less grand I guess. We knock on the large mahogany door and are welcomed into the raging party inside. The music is booming, Beth and I push through the crowd of people to reach the kitchen, where all the punch is and take a fair amount, and it doesn’t take long until we are seeing stars, oh yes we are cheap drunks. Next thing we know were screaming and shouting to Panic At The Disco until I happen to fall over the table and land on this guys lap. Opp’s. I never mean these things they just sort of, well, happen. So I freeze for a very long time, I’m sober enough to know what’s happening, so I just whisper a Hi and jump of him very quickly, grab Sara and run into another room. We both burst out laughing, random jokes coming out now making no sense what so ever and almost keeling over. We almost seem to laugh at anything, if we see a pen that we think is amazing, were off. We have no idea how we are going to get home yet, but we were going to stop at my place for the night, its closer. I guess we are going to walk then, unless we grab some random guy and go. Sara was wearing this beautiful purple miniskirt, which ruffles out and this gorgeous gold strap top, she looks stunning, and her hair which she dyed from red to brown (personally I loved it red but for reasons I cannot explain she dyed it brown) was curled perfectly shaping her elegant face. I was just wearing some black skinny jeans with a top that writes in big letters “LOVE MUSIC NOT WAR” it is an amazing top, I must admit, it makes me laugh hysterically.