• I lay down on the grass and stared up at the blue sky, finally I had managed to get out of the living room and to the garden which I have to say is huge. No surprise there then. A cool wind blew and played with my hair, I’ve been here for five hours and there’s I haven’t caught one glimpse of Blaise. How the heck did Nikki see him? Knowing her she probably heard that he adopted a boy and immediately stalked the doctor to see if the boy was cute or not.
    Smiling I stood up and started to wander round the garden, there were flowers and fountains everywhere and at the very back was a huge cherry blossom tree. I gaped at it for a while before sitting underneath it, watching the cherry blossoms dance to the ground.

    Being too preoccupied with the cherry blossoms she didn’t notice the boy staring at her through his window, no emotion on his face or leaked through his eyes. Soon he couldn’t bare it any longer and left the window sitting back on his bed.
    “Tinkerbelle, why did she have to be called Tinkerbelle?” He muttered staring at the ceiling. There was a knock on the door and a maid called through saying that dinner was ready. Blaise stood up but before he left he took one last look outside, the girl had gone.
    “Damn she’s gonna be at dinner.” He sighed and left the room.

    We all sat in the dining room waiting for Blaise to come down, and boy he was taking a long time. Maybe he got lost. Suddenly the door opened and a boy walked through, looking at floor and sat down opposite me.
    He had longish jet black hair that was probably gelled back into spikes red running through all of the ones on the top; his side fringe covered one of his black eyes that I swear had a tint of red to them. No wonder he’s called Blaise.
    He was wearing black jeans and a black long sleeve top that had a grey upside down cross on the front, there was a black leather choker round his neck as well as a red rope that was tide in a knot and dangled just above the end of his shirt. Nikki was right he was bloody gorgeous.
    “Blaise. This is Jane John and Tinkerbelle.” Mr. Kishu said pointing to everyone when he said our name, but when he said mine Blaise glared at me. If looks could kill I’d be six foot under. Gulping, I smiled weakly and looked away. Why did he hate me, he didn’t even know me.
    Dinner was torture, I barely ate anything and Blaise ate even less than me. My dad tried making conversation with him but his answers were only one or two words, after a while he gave up and we ate are meal in silence. As time passed I kept stealing glances at him, wandering why he hates me.
    “Can I go now.” He muttered looking at Mr. Kishu.
    “Yes.” Blaise quickly stood up and was out of the room before you could blink, god he was fast.
    “Don’t worry he’s probably just shy.” My mum said in a failed attempt to comfort the doctor.

    I flopped down onto my bed; we stayed there all day trying to convince Mr. Kishu that Blaise was just shy. Well my mum and dad did I just kept thinking why he hated me. Maybe it was cause I had had a real family and he was jealous, or he heard what I said about him being boring? I think I’ll call Nikki in the morning, I am absolutely pooped! My eyes closed and I was drifting of to sleep when my phone started to ring again. Groaning I picked it up and answered.
    “What.” I said tiredly.
    “There’s going to be a party at my house tonight, you coming?” Jay asked.
    “Eh, sure whatever now let me sleep!” I replied shutting my phone and drifting off to lala land.
    M eyes opened slowly adjusting to the light