• The Adventures of Paco the Unicorn 2

    Once there was a unicorn named Paco who lived in a cardboard box. It was a very large cardboard box from the 92 rubber chickens he ordered, it could even be called a cardboard mansion! But, Paco was a very greedy unicorn and wanted more than a one room cardboard mansion box, so he set off on an adventure to rob Michael Jackson and take his stuff! So he hid his cardboard box behind a bus stop bench so no one would steal it and set off on his adventure! Paco then built a rocket ship and flew to Uranus in the town of LittleBoy where rapist such as Michael Jackson live. When he got to Michael Jackson's house he heard Michael Jackson and what sounded like a little boy in a closet with, moaning?! And screaming! The little boy was yelling stop! Paco wondered why, but couldn't think of anything. So he stole the expensive stuff and a monkey, then returned home to sell it all on ebay. Paco was then richer than a homeless person, so he bought a lighter to make shishcabobs but lit his horn on fire by accident and died. Oh well.