• Falling Angels Chapter 1: An angel?!

    Saku loved walking to school. It allowed him time to have a little freedom before being locked up in The Hole of Horror as he and his friends called it. He was headed to Apple Creek High where he would spend eight boring hours Saku was a black-haired, blue-eyed, 15 year old with a slim frame. He wore a black school uniform. Saku was a happy person by nature and was rarely ever seen without his trademark grin even in school. A rurmor had gone around school that Saku had ADDHD and was taking Ritalin which explained his calm composure. Saku knew about the rurmor, but ignored it.

    He was halfway to school when he saw a sparkling clear blue light in the sky. What's that? Saku wondered. He jogged over where it had crash-landed in an alley. Leaning against the red brick wall of the buliding was beautiful girl his age with brown hair and she wore a blue dress. Saku couldn't tell her eye color because her eyes were closed as if she were sleeping. She didn't look hurt. Where'd the blue light go? It couldn't have been her, could it? Saku touched her shoulder and shook it gently. "Are you ok?"

    The girl opened her clear blue eyes slowly. "Where am I?" She sat up.

    Tokoyo, Japan," Saku said. "My name is Saku. Who are you?"

    "I'm Melody. Nice to meet you, Saku." Melody smiled.

    Saku asked, "Did you see a blue light fall around here?"

    "Yea, that was me. I'm an angel." Melody replied.

    Saku stared at her. "Wow,"

    Melody explained, "I was sent back to earth to find and capture my enemy, Zorick. He's a rouge angel."

    Saku kept staring at Melody. I think I'm in love. The clocktower at the center of the city rang. "Oh man, I'm gonna be late! See ya, Melody!" Saku ran off.

    "Why did he run off? I could've just teleported him to school." Melody said, standing up.


    Author's note: I hope you like this! I got the idea from a youtube video about angels. On it was the song Even in death by Evanescence. The song's lyrics make more sense in later chapters. Please leave a comment!