• Matsu was walking down the road to a house. Alot of memories were set in that house. She had a room there long ago, her birthdays there, and her parents where even murdered there when she was seven years old. Matsu, now fourteen, was going to visit the house she held dearly in her heart.
    Matsu loved that house very much. She had chosen not to visit that house since her beloved parents died. She decided it was wrong not to visit and here she is now, walking to the house she was raised in. The door came into view, the whole house did. She stopped at the front door as soon as she came to it. Noises were coming from inside. She slipped in quietly, hoping to catch whoever was making the noise in the act. As she walked by, she noticed everything was where it was the way it was left. The noises were coming from the kitchen. She thought about how her mother always made the kitchen smell like a fresh pie baking. Her eyes watered at the thought. The kitchen still smelled like a fresh blueberry pie surprisingly.She looked in the kitchen and saw the stove had fallen. She tried to lift it back to its place, where it belonged, but it was no use. The stove was too heavy. She went to each room in the house, one by one. The basement, her bedroom, her parents room, and finally the living room. She looked in and remembered her father, sitting on the couch with one of her moms new dinner creations. She hated to make the same food every night so she created her own. Tears streamed down her face at the thought of her mom and dad. Suddenly she saw her parents sitting in the living room. "Mom? Dad?"She called. She blinked. As soon as they appeared, they left just as quickly. She smiled. She missed them but she would survive. She walked out the door in happiness.