• "Penny, please tell me what's wrong," croons Sarah, my best friend for almost twelve years now. "What's wrong? What's wrong is that I don't understand how your heart can be completely destroyed, how you can cry more than you ever imagine, how you can be so broken down, and still live to see another sunrise come across the east sky then say good-bye to you from the west." I sob, and put my head back between my legs.

    "How? How could they die? They were so strong, so happy, just loving life. Now I will never see hem again. They were my parents! How could he murder them like that? I'm thirteen, not thirty." I cry into her shoulder.

    As she sits with me and tries to comfort me, I hatch a plan in my head. "Sarah, we're going after him. I won't stop until I get revenge." I say as I ball my hand in to a fist. "Now, penny, think about this," she says as I climb to my feet. "You're just upset; you don't really want to do this.' I look to her as a bright red light starts to seep from my fingertips and say, "Oh yes, I do. This isn't me being upset, I'm full blown enraged!"

    I open my mouth and scream, bright red light streaming from my fingers and eyes. Sarah runs to me and clamps my arms to my sides. "Penny! Penny stop!" she screams as a wind whips around to blow our hair every were. I start to calm down and cry again, the tears burning my face.

    "I'm sorry Sarah. It is just so hard now. So hard." I weep. "Shh. Sleep now, we'll talk more in the morning," she says. I roll onto my side and close my eyes sleep over taking me in seconds.

    When I woke, I was all alone. Getting up to find food, I walked down the hall to the kitchen. But when I entered the room, there was already someone sitting at the table. It took a moment for him to notice me, but when he did I finnaly realized who he was. "Aaron! You're here! You're home!" I squeeled. I was so happy to see him. He laughed as I ran to hug him and said, "How's my baby sister been? Still sturing up trouble?" "Me, trouble?" I said putting on the most innocent look I could muster.

    "Come on, I've been waiting for you to get up. Let's go do something." he said, flashinng a briliant white smile before he walked out of the room.