• A silver-haired boy was standing in the middle of the coliseum; monsters of all sorts that were made of the modern table salt were everywhere. The Roman air was still cold and humid, as the whole city was gathered around to watch this lone boy take on the unstoppable gladiators.

    The mystery boy had mocha skin, almost to the degree where it seemed Egyptian. Despite his skin tone, his hair was as fair as ivory and his eyes were turquoise, while most Egyptians had dark eyes.

    "منحه حرية المروعه لهذه النفوس ملزمة لحم." the dark-skinned boy said as the Romans interpreted it as "Grant freedom to this soul trapped in flesh." Although, the real translation in Arabic was "Grant freedom to these horrid soul bound by flesh."

    A red-haired prince, Rubedo, watched the Egyptian, from his throne, made of a crimson stone that the Gnosis brought called Zohar, bright rubies adorning the dark chair. "Dammit! I wish I could do that! Dammit to hell!" he nearly screamed from the spectator's podium, pounding a fist against the armrest of his throne. His twin brother, Albedo, sat beside Rubedo in a diamond-studded, marble-white throne, watching the Egyptian boy fight off the evil in the stadium that was composed of mere sodium chloride. Nigredo was beside his brothers, in an onyx-studded, ebony throne.

    Unlike the twins, Nigredo had his mind on the death of their only sister, Citrine, and the absence of their father. Usually, Emperor Yuriev would love to see these things, but he had said he had important business to take care of. All of the Emperor's business associates were sitting in the seats of the stadium... Within Nigredo's view. Since Citrine and Nigredo's mother died, Dmitri had taken every interesting day off... and so far; this Egyptian had far surpassed any of the other gladiators who had come to fight those who had called themselves 'Gnosis'. The Gnosis had claimed that they, themselves, were the most superior gladiators on the face of Rome.

    Rubedo sighed, watching the Egyptian closely. There was almost a dreamy look in his eyes as he observed the unknown boy's flawless grace with each stroke of his palm against the Gnosis gladiators... "I... want him." Rubedo said wishing the fight was over so he could take the boy to the palace to make him do unthinkable things to him. ..No, it was the other way, Rubedo wanted to make the boy want him as he had chills, just thinking about having him.

    "If you get him, can I torture him?" Albedo asked, some childish curiosity seeping into his voice.

    Rudedo shook his head. "No, he'll be mine. He will be my treasure." he replied to the younger twin, even if it was ten minutes, Rubedo was ten minutes older and always would be.

    "Treasure? What makes a slave your treasure?" Albedo asked, laughing.

    "He's... beautiful. It's all that counts.” he said, wishing the fight was over, so he could pay the trader for the boy.

    Soon, the Egyptian was facing the last Gnosis. He quietly chanted his spell, knowing that it would work either way, so he brought his left hand into suspension in front of the Gnosis as it charged and began to ...dissipate into salt?

    The Romans and their servants began shouting their thanks to the boy from the stands. The boy rubbed the back of his neck and bowed, still in his default attire, an ivory loincloth... Which still brought out the skin tone the boy had, among other things... Like sweat.

    Rubedo rushed down to the Trader, the slave trader that is, and held a sack of raw jewels out to the man. "I want the boy.” he demanded, pointing to the Egyptian in the stadium.

    "Him? He doesn't speak Latin." the Trader said, eyeing the jewels.

    "I don't care. I want him. Albedo's paid you several times for the Kierschwassers..." he stated, taking some jewels back, "Why not discount this boy for the eldest son of the Emperor?"

    "Only if I can a hold of twenty of them."

    "Of... what?" Rubedo asked.

    "Twenty of your brother's precious Kierschwassers and I'll discount you."

    Was there no other way? Albedo had tortured and killed each one at every chance he got. It was like Rubedo's twin was becoming another person around those things. He could take a soldier's sword, cut a crevice in the woman's chest and push his palm through their open chests... pullling their hearts out to stop them. He'd then rape and further mutilate them.

    "They're... dead." Rubedo truthfully said. looking at the boy with unwanted lust in his blue eyes.

    "Then no discounts!" the man said, denying the sack of jewels.

    "Wait until my father hears about your obnoxious behavior!" Rubedo stated, "And I won't pay a gem for him if you wont discount me!"

    Dmitri Yuriev, the father of Rubedo, Albedo and Nigredo was a scary guy when something went wrong in Rome. He hardly listened to either Rubedo or Albedo, since they weren't considered sons to him after he was forced to re-marry to have his second wife have Citrine and Nigredo. Of course, Nigredo was almost always on the twin's side since they were brothers and Citrine had been murdered by a man named Jan Sauer. He was a very hard-to-catch criminal, but everyone in the palace knew him as the "Intentional Woman Beater". Jan was in hiding somewhere out of Rome, with the Mizrahi family's daughter, MOMO. Who knew what was going to happen to that little girl?

    The Trader fell silent. This boy was everything to the business... Even if he never spoke Italian. "I'll take him for ten gems!" he said as a final offer.

    No one knew his name, age or where he came from, aside from Egypt. He was extremely hard to talk to and the best of the trader's servants couldn't translate half of what he said. They almost always said he was talking in riddles.

    "Alright." Rubedo said, tossing the ten jewels at the Trader, taking the ivory-haired boy and began walking to the palace. "We're going home..." he softly said the boy. It was best to say something than nothing at all... Wise words from Juli Mizrahi, the counselor for Albedo.

    The ivory-haired boy nodded, looking at Rubedo. It was the first time he'd ever spoke Latin intentionally.

    "Yes... master." the boy coughed like he was extremely thirsty from the fight.

    Rubedo's eyes widened a bit. So... You do speak a little Latin. he thought, cooking up a little plan as he lead the servant to the palace.

    "We'll get you something to eat and drink. You're a walking skeleton!" Rubedo smiled, "In the meanwhile... I'd like to hear your pretty voice again."

    "Yes... master." he complied, doing as told.

    "Do you have a name?" the red-head asked, smiling at the other, who was walking beside him.

    "I'm sorry. I cannot permit you to hear my real name... Even if I am a servant." the silver-haired boy said, staring at the orange sand. I'm.. sure he's a nice person. Unlike that horrible trader. I hope Anubis sends him to Hell for his evil deeds.