• “Shut up, I went easy on her!” Roxas yelled.

    “Yeah, I bet it’s because he wants another date with Naminé…” Selphie teased.

    “WE WERE NOT ON A DATE!” Naminé and Roxas yelled in unison.

    “They were on a date!” Hayner said trying hold his laugh but couldn’t take it anymore. Roxas just whacked his best friend on the head.

    “You guys are so mean…” Naminé just glared at all of them.

    A few weeks had soon past and it was the last day of October. Naminé had gotten close to all of her new group of friends. Everyone in the group except him; Roxas. Sure they had finally toned down on the arguments, but he was still annoying for Naminé and the same seemed to go for him. It was practically a daily routine now.

    It was after school and Naminé and Olette decided to hang out in Kairi and Selphie’s room.

    “I can’t believe tonight’s the Halloween Dance, and I still can’t choose what my costume will be!” Olette sighed.

    Every year Twilight High had an annual Halloween Masquerade Dance. You had to make sure you hid your identity well because at eight o’clock you were finally allowed to reveal it. It was really interesting and exciting if you wanted to find out who your friends were.

    “Well, I’m going to be a vampire,” Selphie said trying to make her voice as creepy as possible; everyone just had one of those anime sweat drops though.

    “I guess I could be a wizard, I do have a matching purple mask that covers my eyes for it,” Olette decided.

    “That’s cool, I think I’ll be an angel,” Kairi smiled, “What are you going to be Naminé?”

    “I don’t know. I probably won’t go anyways because I hate dances, they're so boring!” Naminé said with an emotionless expression.

    “What? Why not?” They all asked in unison.

    “I just said 1) I hate dances. 2) I don’t have a costume. 3) What’s the point if you hate dancing?” Naminé replied.

    “B-but it’s like one of the biggest events of the year!” Selphie said in disbelief.

    “I told you even if I want to go, which I don’t, I don’t have a costume,” Naminé simply said.

    “Pfft. I doubt that, let’s go closet hunting then!” Kairi squealed, "It's too late too go to the mall anyways." She took Naminé’s hand and dragged her into her dorm room with the others following behind.

    Inside Naminé’s room, Kairi, Selphie, and Olette were rummaging through her closet, while Naminé herself was just sitting on her bed giving them a questioning look.

    “What are you guys doing, you’re messing up my stuff!” Naminé exclaimed.

    “Here! I knew you had to have at least one!” Kairi jumped for joy.

    In her hands Kairi was holding out a beautiful white dress, which had a light hue of blue. On the skirt part of the dress was sequins that looked like tiny little crystals that were sewed into small flowers at the ends. For the straps it was two on each side, the dress actually looked like you’d wear it at a fancy ball or something.

    “Wow, I never knew I owned that dress. So what about it?” Naminé said sarcastically while arching an eyebrow.

    “What do you mean ‘what about it’? You’re gonna wear it obviously!” Kairi said in a mater-a-fact kind of tone.

    “You’re not making me wear a dress!” Naminé protested.

    “But I have the perfect mask for you!” Kairi pouted.

    “C’mon Naminé, it’s either dress up as a princess or I’ll spread rumors that you and Roxas are going out!” Selphie black mailed.

    “Fine!” Naminé said crossing her arms like a child.

    Just then they heard a knock on the door.

    “I’ll get it,” Naminé sighed, when she opened the door though, she saw Roxas on the other side.

    “Is this a bad time?” He asked.

    She closed the door really quickly again, “Uhhh…I’ll be right back…” she laughed nervously and went outside closing the door behind her.

    “What are you doing here!” Naminé said demanding for an answer.

    “Well, this is my room too!” Roxas replied.

    “Well, you can’t go in now.”

    “Why not?”

    “They’ve gone mental, and they wanna pick out a costume for me,” Naminé blushed from the embarrassment.

    “Who’s they?”

    “Just Kairi, Selphie, and Olette.” Naminé sighed, “Now go somewhere else, like Sora’s room and hang out there for a while. I don’t want them to know we’re rooming together. Who knows how much commotion that will cause with our friends and your fan girls? Now go okay, bye!” She demanded pushing Roxas towards the direction of Hayner and Sora’s room, and then went back inside their room.

    “Jeez…talk about bossy…” Roxas muttered as he continued walking around.

    Inside the room Kairi was asking who the person was at the door.

    “Some guy, he knocked at the wrong door and I told him to go somewhere else,” Naminé replied as if it was nothing.

    “Okay then!” Selphie said going back to fixing up the dress.

    Roxas opened the door to see all his guy friends already wearing costumes.

    “Hey Roxas, we were just about to call you!” Riku said waving his hand as if to say hello.

    “I’m kinda glad you didn’t…” Roxas thought thinking they were all dorky looking, “And what are you supposed to be?” He said pointing at Hayner, Riku and Sora’s matching costumes.

    “We are, the Three Musketeers!” Sora said dramatically and doing some weird stance with Riku and Hayner.

    “Riight…” Roxas said sitting on one of the beds.

    “Me and Wakka are going to be the living dead, a.k.a zombies,” Tidus said proudly.

    “I’m going to just film everyone so I don’t need a costume like you guys to attend,” Pence laughed, he was in the journalism/newspaper club so he had to film almost every event for the school.

    “What are you going to be?” Wakka asked.

    “I don’t know, a vampire?” Roxas shrugged.

    “No, almost half the population this year is going to be that, or either cosplay a Final Fantasy character or something,” Riku stated.

    “How about a prince? It’s so not original that no one would bother dressing up as that!” Sora suggested.

    “I think I know the real reason why they won’t,” Roxas shivered at the thought.

    “C’mon Roxas, I bet your princess will be waiting for you at the dance!” Tidus grinned and exaggerated the word princess.

    “Yeah Roxas, and I knew you would forget about buying a costume so I went out and bought you one!” Sora said showing the outfit hanging in his closet door.

    “Fine, but I’m only in it for the cheap food!” Roxas crossed his arms.

    “That’s the spirit!” Hayner said giving his buddy a thumbs up.

    It was six o’clock and the girls were still putting on their finishing touches before the dance. Kairi and Olette put on masked that covered their eyes so you wouldn’t recognize them as easily. Selphie didn’t bother with that, she just put on and over load of face powder so you would really pale like a real vampire.

    “Naminé, come out of the bathroom already we wanna go soon!” Selphie whined pounding on the bathroom door.

    “Okay, jeez…” when Naminé came out all three girls stared in awe.

    “You look awesome!” Selphie squealed.

    “Give me a break for once and hand over that mask so know one will know it’s me!” Naminé said threateningly.

    Kairi gave the white mask that matched perfectly. Selphie told her to leave her hair down and put on a crystal necklace that she owned, and also not where any make up or it would destroy her whole look.

    Naminé was practically just listening to everything they said and nodded before going to the dance which was at a different building nearthe dorm that the school rented out.

    “I wonder where the girls are,” Sora wondered. The guys were already at the dance and were just waiting to see where the girls in the group were.

    “What, you wanna dance with Kairi?” Riku grinned.

    “Of course I-hey! You tricked me!” Sora blushed. The boys started laughing their heads of at Sora.

    “Hey guys, I’m going to get a drink, see ya later,” Roxas waved goodbye and started walking away. The guys just nodded and continued teasing Sora.

    When Roxas left though, four girls entered the doors. The boys all quickly recognized them from their hair colors, well everyone with exception for Sora.

    “Wow! Who’s the angel?” Sora blushed staring in awe.

    “Are that stupid?” Riku asked.

    “Hey guys! Hi Sora!” Kairi ran up to them.

    “Do I know you?” Sora asked.

    “Hello! I’m the only one in the school with this kind of red hair!” Kairi raised an eyebrow.

    “Umm…sorry, not ringing any bells here,” Sora laughed nervously.

    Kairi tried giving him a few more hints but it didn’t work, “Ugh, you bum!” Kairihit him on the head playfully, “Oh well, we aren’t supposed to reveal who we are until eight, so let’s dance!” She grabbed Sora’s hand who was blushing furiously now and dragged him to the dance floor.

    “Aww…their so adorable!” Selphie squealed.

    “I’m gonna get a drink, okay?” Naminé waved goodbye.

    “Wait, let me co-” Selphie was cut off because Tidus and Wakka quickly shushed her.

    When Naminé was out of earshot they both let go of Selphie.

    “What was that for?” Selphie yelled.

    “Roxas also went for a drink, so we just wanna see what happens,” Tidus grinned, all the guys nodded.

    “Ooh! Good one!” Selphie giggled.

    At the food table someone bumped into Naminé.

    “Sorry about that Princess…” the guy held his hand to help her up.

    Naminé didn’t bother taking it, and stood up by herself, “PRINCESS! I’m not a prin- riight…the dress, stupid friends…” Naminé mumbled that last two words.

    “Haha, sounds like you have some pretty bossy friends too,” Roxas laughed.

    Naminé wasn’t really paying attention though. She was lost in his blue orbs, but she didn’t recognize him. He was wearing a mask and a prince costume, but she liked the way his blonde hair was still spiky even though he was in a such a formal outfit.

    “Huh? What was that again?” Naminé laughed, being a little embarrassed.

    “How about I get you some fruit punch?” Roxas smiled.

    He never really paid attention to who she was, and either way he couldn’t quite put his finger on it on what her identity was. He felt so attracted to her; she looked like a porcelain doll in her dress. And her laugh was so adorable to him.

    After Naminé finished her drink, she quickly disposed of her cup and decided to follow this mysterious prince. But little did the lovebirds know that their friends were eaves dropping on them.

    “They're so cute!” Selphie squealed.

    “That’s what you say about every couple you know!” Pence pointed out while video taping the two.

    They’re so oblivious!” Sora laughed, but everyone just stared at him giving a what-a-dimwit kind of look, “What!”

    “Never mind! Jeez, where are they now? I think we lost track of them,” Kairi sighed.

    Soon a slow dance song began to play, it was Passion: After the Battle by Utada Hikaru (A/N: I thought I’d use her KH2 song because Simple and Clean is kind of over used, don’t you think? No offense to you writers who have used it though for your dance chapters! XD).

    Roxas tapped on Naminé’s shoulder, “Wanna dance?” He held out his hand towards her smiling.

    “Okay,” Naminé blushed taking his hand.

    The two slow danced gracefully on the dance floor. Naminé just kept staring at him, it felt like a dream or something that came out of a fairy tale book or something. She loved the feeling of him close by; it felt so natural being with him. When it was half way through the song Naminé wasbrought back to reality.

    “Hey, why don’t we go outside? It’s kinda getting stuffy in here with all the people,” Roxas suggested letting go of her petite figure.

    “Sure, okay,” she agreed holding his hand all the way outside.

    Outside the two sat on a bench under a huge cherry blossom tree. It was quiet outside compared to the booming music inside the building, but you could still hear the faint sound of music coming from within.

    “The stars are so pretty,” Naminé smiled, looking at the twinkling lights above.

    Roxas just stared at her; he was so captivated by everything about her. The way she talked, the way she looked. Roxas just sighed. Naminé felt his eyes on her and turned to look at him. Roxas was totally captured by her sapphire eyes.

    “May I ask what you’re looking at prince?” Naminé giggled at the fact she tried to act all sophisticated.

    “You just look so familiar some how…” Roxas blushed.

    “I know what you mean…”

    They both started moving in closer. They were about an inch apart before their lips would have touched, but then…

    “Hey guys!” Selphie yelled interrupting the two.

    “Selphie?” Roxas and Naminé said in unison surprised to see their friend, “Wait, you know her?”

    “C’mon, no time to waste! The teachers are supposed to announce something!” Selphie took Naminé’s hand and dragged her towards the building.

    "That girl looks so much like her, despite the blue eyes though..." Roxas thought.

    “Wait, I never got your…” Naminé yelled, “…name.” the boy was already lost in the crowd.