• As we travel, Nato becomes bigger and stronger. One night Nato grabbed the bag I carry over my sholder and ran into the woods with it. Knowing he would eat all the food I had in there I ran after him.

    I finally caught up to him in a clearing about a mile away from our camp. He droped my bag, looked into my eyes and said these words, "Mila, there is a great strugle ahead of you and your friends. You and your parents have amazing power, power that can destroy all evil. That is why you are attacked so much. Only you can defeate the evil arising in Chal and the surrounding world."

    I was so startled that I stepped backwards and stumbled on a root. I whipped around and held out my hand to keep from falling and hurting myself. As I did so, a bright blue light emerged from my hand and I shot back up to a standing position.

    He said next, "You also have healing abilities that are unknown to man, that is why Naton did not die when you first met." "You know about that?" I said. "Yes, I know every thing about you. I know every thing you know." he responded.

    With tears clouding my vision, I cried, "Is this why you brought me here, to tell me that I am abnormal and a powerful demon?" "You are not a demon, you are needed throughout the entire world. People will bow to you one day." he soothed me.

    "Come now and dry your tears. Tomorrow I will teach you some spells. You must also get reinforcements in each town. You may not know it, but there is a resistance waiting for the legendary Light Seeker.

    Light Seeker is what he called me from then on, and he did teach me many things that next day. But nothing prepared me for what we met in the next city.