• Ever since I was young there has been this strange burning inside me…
    I never knew how to wield this, burning…
    Until now…
    People tell me that I’m, uh, special. I’m pretty sure they mean evil. You see, I’m 14 and the only person I ever loved was killed…
    By me.
    My body, it, uh, catches fire when I get mad or, at night especially, when I think of where I came from…
    The person I killed, accidentally I swear, was not related to me in any way. He just saved me from my personal hell and cared for me. His name was Steve Lyon.
    It happened like this, Steve had gone to bed, but I couldn’t sleep, nightmares of where I came from usually stole sleep from me. The images, the pain, the tests. They kept running through my mind. I didn’t realize until it was too late.
    I had lit.
    Fire doesn’t affect me, not the heat, the fumes, nothing about a fire can hurt me, but that doesn’t, I mean, didn’t apply to Steve. I ran in to help him but he was already dead, and it was my entire fault. I ran away out of the fury I had at myself.
    Your wondering where I went and how I got there? Well, I may have forgotten to mention a couple things, I can fly and I can kinda, sort of, go invisible. My inner flame makes those things happen all I have to do is think about it.
    As for where, well… I can trust you right? I hope so. If you tell anyone where I am you’ll be giving that person my life. I’m in Central Park. You know, as in New York. Or that’s where I sleep at least. During the day I got out and try to get money and food. Well, I don’t really know where to start so I’ll just go and hope you stay with me.
    I was racing through the woods. Every branch or bush that got in my way shot up in flames. I was being chased by the water demons, they’re everything at my personal hell, but right now all they wanted to do was kill me. I’m called a viper in my hell, a fire kid.
    I can hear the demons getting closer; the sound of their sing-song laughs echoes through the trees. I quickly jumped up a couple branches in a near by tree. I saw a couple demons run underneath me. I turned around a little only to find myself face to face with one. I let out a high pitched scream then…
    …I shot up, almost falling off my branch. Slowly, I crawled my way back to reality. I was in a tree in Central Park, I was a freak who could set stuff on fire using her mind and I had killed my best friend and only loved one two weeks earlier.
    God, I hate that dream.’ I thought to myself. I had had it ever since the day Steve died, on the exception of one night when I had a dream about a Peruvian penguin peddler attacking me but other then that, I had the same dream. I stretched preparing myself for the day. I climbed out of my cozy tree and turned around to see him there, again. The same boy was sitting on the same bench, just staring at me. He’d been up to it for about a week, and I was sick of it.
    I stomped over to him and demanded, “Hi, what are you doing?” Fine, I couldn’t be mean to him and frankly, it pissed me off.
    “Just looking,” he replied. His eyes were intent, staring straight into mine. They were light blue, normally playful, but were very serious right now.
    “What are you doing?” He asked. Then I heard his voice again, but this time inside my head.
    It, or he, said, “I’m going to get up. You need to follow me or you’ll die.” He did stand up and began to walk away. I hesitated at first, but decided to follow him after all. If he was a water demon then he would have attacked me before now, right?
    He walked into a place shaded by many trees, not many other people could see. The boy pushed another thought into my head.
    “Okay, we can talk out loud now.” Wait, that wasn’t in my head, he actually said that.
    “I’m glad you decided to follow me, some people get creped out and refuse.”
    All I could mange was, “Oh.” I was intrigued with him. He showed almost no emotion at all but his eyes told me everything I needed to know.
    “What’s your name?” I heard a voice ask then realized that it was mine.
    “Oh, ah, sorry. My names Jacob.” The boy answered. “What’s yours?”
    “My name…” I started my voice trailing off, I wasn’t sure if it was wise to tell him my name or not.
    “You can trust me.” He said. How had he known what I was thinking?
    “I can read minds, control them too and force my thoughts into them.” Jacob had read my thoughts exactly.
    “Okay, then…” I said slowly. “My names Devony, but call me that and you’ll die. I wish to be known as Dev.” I said.
    “Well, Dev, I know about your powers. I also know about the future, and in the future our lives intersect. Dev,” By this point he was holding my hands in his.
    “We have to save the world.”