• Midnight Glare.

    It was extremely foggy and I could barely find my way around. I was tricked by a group of my friends to go into a forest and stay in it for more than four hours. I had been in the forest for who knows how long, I had my watch taken away from me as apart of the bet. I did not like the cold damp air around me as I kept walking. Hands out in front of me as if I were blind, I stumbled around trees and roots. Eventually I had found myself in front of a old factory, it looked like it was abandoned because of the large lock that had been broken off and the door lay opened. I smiled, knowing that nothing in there could hurt me. I walked closer, my thoughts told me to look fiercer than I actually was, so I straightened my back and pushed my shoulders out. I grinned at the thought of what I looked like as I entered the door.

    The night was a cold one and it seemed like it would only get colder. Then something happened, the air around me warmed up and I became confused. I didn’t know what to do, was there somebody in here? All I knew was that the warm air cooled had heated like billows of smoke passing me, each cloud of smoke warmed me, and I had to find its source. I slowly found myself trying to look around for a stair case, as if somebody where leading me there. I looked back before I continued, something was wrong. I stood in front of a large metal staircase. Soon enough I thought to myself ‘what if there is somebody here, a crazed killer.’
    My thoughts were cut off by the sound of laughter; I tried to focus on the source but the buzzing of the laughter never stopped for breath. I felt like it where right inside my head like my brain was trying to scare me out of this dusty work place. My body tingled as if it where saying ‘Its not right here, turn and leave’. My brain had a plan of its own; I took a heavy step up onto the metal stair, only to hear silence.
    I made a small sigh of relief as I looked up to see the stairs lead to darkness. Something was wrong, I turned to look up behind me to see a window, it was letting in pale blue light though, but it should light up whatever was at the top. I looked back up and thought to myself ‘smog?’ I slowly took another step and another until I found myself at the top. The darkness vanished and I looked at the light, it did not shine on me, something was blocking it.

    I looked down the hallway, it was barren and the paint had peeled from it. My arms lifted to fold on top of my frozen chest as the heat had vanished. Then an eerie sound rang out, the sound of dripping, something has dripping. I tried my best to make with an answer that the question begged for ‘what was the dripping!?’ could it be blood?

    My mind raced as I stood at the top of the stairs. I slowly walked towards the sound; my mind told me it was a stupid Idea, now my body and my brain had joined sides. I walked slowly as If I were walking on a bed of pins and needles, and did not want any of them to puncture my shoes. I felt the warm air slowly make its way to my body again. I smiled unknowingly. The dripping stopped as I came in front of a black door. It was sort of funny how all this had happened. My hand slowly went for the doorknob and I touched it, the warm metal invited me. As my cold and very numb hand twisted the doorknob, I stopped and I heard one last drip, before the door opened.

    As the door slowly made its way to its resting place against the wall my eyes could not see what lay inside. The smog was there again, and I slowly stepped back, the laughter started up again, this time not in my mind. My heart raced as it tried to gain reason into my hands as they started to shake and clench into fists. My head swayed back and forth, soon my whole body did. I heard a ping of pain stab into my temples as I learched forwards, holding onto the doorway, I held myself up. The pain stopped and I looked at my feet, the smog slowly vanished from my feet and I gasped. My head looked up, and as I looked, a figure stood in front of me. He was clad in black baggy pants and a simple white button up shirt with blue hair. I finally met eyes with him, his blue crystal eyes covered in thin streams of blue hair quickly flickered crimson. My heart stopped and I wanted to collapse, but my knees kept me standing. As I was thinking of what to say to him he spoke first “why are you here its dangerous here” he said with soft words. Unfortunately whatever words he said never made it to my brain as I gasped “Who are you!?” my body regained stature as I stood in the doorway.

    His smile was that of a cold blooded killer, but his eyes of a child. The man stepped forwards two steps and answered “My name is Mitchell” he said as he crouched down to look into my lowered gaze. His smile turned into that of a wicked grin, eyes turned crimson, but this time stayed. My body went into a defensive stance “look I don’t have any money, I’m not worth victimizing!” My voice was quivering and not very suggestive. It was then I thought I was a goner, but something very odd happened “Calm down, I won’t hurt you” he said as his eyes changed blue again. He stood up again and searched through his pockets and brought out a small handful of paper bills “here, leave” he said softly. I slowly made a smile, for a small scare I get some cash? Why not! My shaking hand reached out to his pale, slender hand and he handed me the money.

    He gave me a looked that said to leave and I did just that, I turned and walked out. I knew soon enough, when I was out of range, I would run. I got to the top of the stairs, and looked around. This night and been looking up for me, and I was glad. Something about this still seemed wrong, but I brushed it aside as I descended down the stairs. I got about half way as I tripped and fell down the last few. Quickly my thin and light weight frame rolled down, making quite the racket. I managed to keep conscious as I slowly opened my eyes.
    I really hope that noise did not alert that weird man, I really didn’t want to see him again. Just as I sighed a breath of relief and slowly got up, a surge of pain shot through my head like a sword sliding straight into my head. Once again, my body wanted to collapse, but I held myself upright. Taking one heavy step I learched towards the gaping front door, it slammed shut. I cursed out loud this time as I thought that the wind closed the door but it was not the wind at all. A figure stood behind one of the doors and his medium blue length hair was visible. I moaned in pain and annoyance, I just wanted to go home! As my mind became more and more frustrated, the man stepped closer the one named Mitchell, and he grinned “had a fall did we, Bumped your head?” he asked as his figure slowly dropped down onto me...