• Demon

    She was born in the usual human way, structurally she was the same as any human child. Except for one feature, the pale, skin coloured wings that stretched out from her back. Disregarded as a human even before birth. Her mother had named her Victoria, but Demon they called her. How did they know she wasn't human before birth you wonder? You see, Demon's mother claimed to never know the point of conception. She didn't even think that she had done any act that would produce an offspring. But still, Demon was here, she was real, and she was crying.

    The midwife had given Demon's mother the choice of euthanasia, and was refused by greatly angered words. She claimed that “Victoria” was still a human being, despite the defect. She had hoped for the best that Victoria would grow up like any other little girl. However, no matter how hard she had tried, Victoria was always be known as Demon to the others of the village. Due to the frustration, torments and ridicules, Victoria adopted the name Demon, and only responded to the name Victoria if it was her mother calling. She had grown rebellious and angry, all before the age of six.

    During the beginning of school, she was constantly marked absent. This was because on the roll, she had been named “Victoria White” and she believed that no one was allowed to call her that name anymore. After a couple of weeks the teachers gave up and started to mark her as Demon, which she responded to eagerly. As she grew, Demon never bothered to try and hide her wings, or who she was. Not that it mattered much, she was the tom boy and bully of the school, no one would even look at her without fear of getting pummeled. After time, her wings had developed fully and had grown thick, black feathers. Demon had deep red eyes and long black hair that seemed to flow down to her waist like a river. Many of the adults claimed that if she was human, and not so mean, she would be the “Popular Kid” in school.

    At the age of eleven, Demon's mother feared she had lost all control on her daughter, as Demon would no longer respond to her birth name, no matter who called it. Demon's grades were falling and each day there was a message from the school about her getting into fights. Around about that time was when Demon had started developing her.....powers. A little bit of accidental telekinesis here and there. She had greatly enjoyed the ability to throw rocks at people without having to move, which she soon perfected..

    The next event was when Demon was thirteen. She had been sitting at the dining table, chewing on a toothpick in front of her mother when he arrived. To their shock, he looked rather similar to Demon. With his short black hair, and wings like Demon's on both his back and just above his ears, Zanar could have scared anyone to death. Demon was filled with pleasure at the sight of someone like her, even though her mother had been screaming angered words at the intruder.

    The grin that spread across Demon's face when Zanar mentioned taking her away with him was almost frightening. She was so happy to be able to get away from the terror of the world she knew, and with someone that could tell her what she was! Her mother had disagreed readily, not wanting to lose her only child, and was killed instantly. Zanar had stabbed her through the chest with the kitchen knife on the table, this had caused a large amount of sorrow for Demon, sorrow that she did not have time to feel truly.

    When the tears had started to flow, Zanar swore loudly and grabbed Demon by the wrist. He dragged her out of the building and a good distance away from the village, before somehow causing them to teleport. The people of the village were pleased that Demon was gone, and did not even notice that her mother was deceased, as she had not played a role in the community since Demon's birth.

    Demon was shocked when she had opened her eyes after the teleport and discovered that they were in a dully lit room which had contained only a black double bed and a rose oak door. Zanar had been by her side, and was still swearing loudly at that point. For the first time in her life, Demon had cried then. Zanar stressed out while she did so, and apparently tried to contact someone of higher command. When Demon had finished her display of depression, Zanar had began to explain.

    He was her father, and he was an Incubus. He had been hired to seduce Demon's mother but was only a new cubi back then, and failed. Due to this, he had impregnated her in her sleep. It got the job done, he had thought. But the plan didn't go quite the way they wanted. The leading cubi in charge of the operation was supposed to collect Demon at birth, but had mysteriously vanished. When it did not go ahead as planned, Zanar was instructed to collect her when he had arrived back from his previous mission, which was two days ago. Demon was a Succubus, and was to begin training at the school for Cubi's immediately.

    Her studies involved typical Succubus classes, seduction, shape shifting, mind control and life skills. However, life skills was different from most “life skill” classes we go to. Cubi life skills involved how they feed at an older age, their life span and such, as well as their ethics. Demon had discovered that cubi can live up to a few thousand years of age, and thus partnerships with humans were uncommon. As humans live for a much, much shorter time.

    Demon had quickly became popular amongst the other cubi, and had very many partners, of both genders. Same sex relationships amongst cubi were not forbidden, just....not appreciated. Cubi's tend to wish to....populate, as much as possible, it's their essence of being. As she grew older, Demon's power's had continue to develop, and on her 18th's birthday the headache she had felt for a few weeks had gotten too much for her to bear. She had often seen cubi a little older then her with wings on their heads, like Zanar, and had been taught in life skills that the head ache she was feeling, was a sign of them growing in. Just like the pain you feel when growing wisdom teeth.

    Zanar had been a doting father since he had found her which was unusual for a cubi, and had even told her that the odd shaped dragon birth mark on the back of her neck was her clan symbol. He had always only accepted short jobs after her arrival, so that he could spend as much time at home as possible. So when Demon's head wings started to grow in, he would always do a quick healing spell when he was around, to act as a pain killer. When they did grow in, they were about two centimeters above her ears and almost parallel with them. The fluffy black wings pointed behind her and were quite similar to the ones on her back, and she showed both pairs off proudly.

    Demon finally left the school for cubi's on her 21st birthday and had put more effort into it then most others. The human world was never the place for her, she stated regularly as she excelled in all of her classes, and in the later years Zanar even took her along with him on a few odd jobs. She was offered a position with the cubi council for her own missions, but refused to so she could spend more time with her father, and a Incubus slightly older then she was, who appeared to be her longest mating session.

    When Zanar was sent on a very long mission, that was said to take approximately 20 years, Demon finally accepted the councils proposition, and saw her partner in between jobs. As she was a newly hired cubi, she got easy jobs, such as assassinations, collection of cubi children, and even the odd disguise act(where she would act as a human that had deceased, in exchange for money from the relative requesting it, a quick "Message from the dead" kind of job). She had been taught at school that once she had turned 18 she would have to feed off human souls, yet she did not feel...”ready” To mate with them in exchange for it. So she just went on really long dates. Even this behavior was odd for a cubi.

    Several years later, 20 years after her father had returned from his mission, Demon had become very skilled in her work. She still looked the same as when she was 18, and in cubi years she was still a baby. To Zanar's surprise, she was still in a relationship with the same incubus from her teen years, and was committed. Zanar was constantly upset by this fact, as Cubi were supposed to mate with as many as possible, and produce many offspring. He complained that this was due to her being raised for thirteen years by humans, and hated the fact.

    Demon was a highly ranked Cubi when she left the council two years later, and took things on her own. Zanar did not approve of her continued relationship with the Incubus, so when Demon fell pregnant, he was slightly pleased, but enraged that is had taken so long, and that she would most likely never spawn with another cubi. The young cubi boy had to flee the world he knew or else be killed by Zanar, a leading role in the cubi council.

    Zanar took on a great deal of responsibilities during Demon's year long pregnancy, and would not let her go on any missions. This meant that he would have to bring fresh human males to their secluded apartment daily. When the young succubus was born, she contained the blood of both her parents. Zanar was a doting grandfather and Demon cut down her missions to make sure that she was only out for a few hours a day. The young girl was named Fayleen and when she turned three, her back wings had finally grown their feathers, which were blood red, except for a few layers at the tips which were pitch black. Her hair was also almost identical to her mothers.

    From birth Fayleen was immersed into a world of Cubi, by Demon and Zanar. She was never sent to Cubi school, as Demon thought it better education to take her along on missions. A few weeks before Fayleen's sixth birthday, Zanar was days late home from a mission and no contact had been made. Demon took Fayleen with her on an immediate search for Zanar. The search lasted about a week, and was ended in great disappointment. Zanar had been found dead. Murdered by Demon's old partner, Fayleen's father. Once he had fled, the only thing the young Incubus could do to survive, was become a traitor.

    After joining the opposition, the cubi's first mission was to murder Zanar, as he was in high places. It took several attempts, and the Incubus did not find it appropriate to kill his child's grand father. Yet it had happened, and Demon was enraged. Fayleen was tearful at the sight of her grandfather's corpse. He had been her idol, and she was determined to avenge his death, filled with remorse even at her young age.

    Demon readily accepted her daughters' proposition and after a quick funeral, they began to search for Demon's lost partner immediately. During the journey Fayleen was readily plunged into a world of extensive cubi training by her mother, and had grown more powerful then most her age. Fueled by her anger, was a deep determination, a longing for revenge. Zanar had killed Demon's mother, but he was a nice guy. Demon was only with that Incubus as she was too emerged in her human emotions, she vowed it would never happen again...over anyone other then her daughter. The young man was going to get far more then he could handle, and didn't even know it.

    We find her now, panting heavily with sweat pouring off her face as she stands over the corpse of her old partner, club in hand. Fayleen by her side, suffering the same effects. It had taken a few months to track him down, and the battle raged almost as long. The Incubus was the second in command for the enemies army, and taking him down was hard, but wise. He had been a tough match for the two Succubus women, but they were both young. Fayleen even, was only six and a half.

    Demon was welcomed back into the cubi council readily, and her daughter offered one of the highest positions possible, but they refused. Instead, they set out on their own and started their own clan and on Fayleen's 21st birthday, they took down their enemy with ease. Their clan grew rapidly, as many cubi wished their children to be taught by clan of the great hero Succubi, even if they were still children themselves. Our story ends here, with a tale of mother and daughter, far different from your own.