• Her heart pounds everytime she's around him.
    Her head makes her dizzy and she smiles whenever he passes her.
    The only problem with her being with him,
    is that she turns into a fox everytime she falls in love.
    It all started five years ago when she fell over the railing of a bridge.
    She fell into a deep stream and hit her head on a rock.
    For some reason, the doctors had to put genes of some animal into her system to keep her alive. Her favorite animal of all time was a fox, so they injected it into her brain. Something went wrong in the transaction and she almost died. That is how the curse began.
    She walked through the hallways of the school building, passing by James, the boy she loved so dearly. Only he could make her fall in love, no other boy could suit her. Everyone loved her colors and optimistic attitude.
    She was always being followed around school by boys and girls.
    Everyone loved her. If someone hated her, it was because they were jealous beyond all reason. She was everyone's friend, but she couldn't get James to even look at her. No matter what kind of stunt she pulled, she never felt as if he cared. At lunch, he sat at the table in front of her, and his gaze never picked up to hers. She didn't want friends if it ment she couldn't hang with James. One day after school, she caught James alone and walked up beside him, holding her breath and trying not to look at him.
    "Hello James." She smiled to herself.
    "Oh Kay, what's going on? I've heard a lot of good things about you."
    Her heart pounded and she could feel her body changing.
    "Well, I have to go! Talk to you later!"
    She rushed off to her house, which was directly across the street from the school. She was breathing hard by the time she opened the door and got inside. "What's wrong with me? I just ran away from him! He was talking to me...." Her head was spinning and she sat on the couch, disappointed in her choice. He was talking to her for the first time, and she just ran off like that...

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