• As childhood brethrens, Farrell and Emerald had always dreamed of becoming a type of hero to save the weak. Protect the innocents. As they grew more they worked together to simplify matters and become stronger in order to become what they wanted to be. Their stepfather taught them both how to be fit and defensive against attacking projectiles. Eventually, their stepfather taught them enough and told them to journey on their own to experience the world that is out there. Overtime, they had gone to places that helped their minds to become stronger. One day, Emerald had encountered a mysterious stranger part of an orginization that worship the Dark Lord himself, Satin. Emerald witness part of their extreme power and was amazed at what he saw. They promised him pure power of unstoppable wrath. As a result, Emerald joined the Clan and left Farrell's side. Farrell grew furious of the betrayal and vowed to find and make him leave the Clan. During this Journey by himself, the anger in him was locked inside him for a long period of time, eventually forming into something part of the darkness. He knew something inside him was wrong, ignoring that feeling, he continued to find his brother Emerald. Later on, he had finally found not only the people responsible in involving Emerald, but Emerald himself. Farrell knew he was not strong enough to defeat Emerald with the evil power he contained. His battle against him only led to Emerald wondering why he'd still fight even if he knew he'd lose.
    "Farrell, you don't understand... This is what I was looking for, I could use this to save other people."
    "No, you're the one that doesn't understand not only me, but yourself as well. You chose a path that I cannot follow. And I'm going to get you back to my side whether you like it or not. Satin does not care about you, he only granted you this unlimited power because all he wants is your soul."
    "We're all going to die sooner or later. Its part of life."
    "Yes, but Emerald, think about this. Would you rather spend all eternity with Satin or the Creator?!?!"
    Emerald shook his head.
    "It doesn't matter to me anymore..." Said Emerald in a low tone.
    "What was the reason for this anyway? How could you save someone if you can't even save yourself." Emerald stood quiet while Farrell continued to explained the reason into seeing what he has fallen into. At that moment, they were both ambushed by the entire clan, Emerald and Farrell had no choice but to defend themselves as a team like they use to be. However, as a result, they were both no match for them and had no choice but to retreat brutally injured. Emerald ran one way while Farrell went the other. Ever since that day, they haven't found each other since. Farrell was determined to once again look for his brother. His anger continued to rage after going through so much for him. Something was still wrong in the inside, he felt as though a voice was trying to call his name. Eventually, he knew another existance was inside his mind. Not clear of what it could be, he knew one thing for a fact, it was not an Angel.
    "Wha... Who is there..?"
    "Your brother has joined my enemy..."
    "What...? How do you know..? Who are you??"
    "Your brother has joined my enemy..."
    "Your enemy?!?"
    "Thank you... For getting me stronger..... Continue onward... And remember... I Am Never Far Away..."
    To Be Continued...