• The girl leant even closer, her dress straining. Her partner watched her, amused. She was beatuiful and she knew it. Better still, she used it to aid the Crown.
    "And how did you acquire it?" Her voice was a throaty murmur. A delicious scent -her perfume- wafted towards the merchant. He breathed it in, almost unwittingly rocking closer to the beatiful young lady. Almost.
    "Smugglers off the coast. No taxes that way." He whispered, hardly aware of what he was saying. The girl smiled, lovely mouth parting to reveal white teeth. She took hold of his wrists and moved her face tantalizingly close to his own.
    "Thank you. And now you will come quietly to the Guardhouse for further questioning." She straightened. The merchant glanced down at his hands, surprised to find that they were tied securely with a leather cord. When had she done that?
    The girl handed him over to her partner, who gazed at her in admiration.
    "How do you do it, Nym?" He asked, once again awed by her apparent ease when catching their quarry. Nym flapped her hand at him.
    "Males." She said airily. "Most will do anything for a pretty girl."

    ((will probably do even more later))