• The demon of the Merry Go!

    Summary: I get sucked into the TV while watching One Piece! (don't worry peoples, it's the funimation dub) I annoy Zolo to no end, drool over Sanji, and have fun with the crew.

    Disclaimer: Though I own the ways to annoy him, I do not own Zolo, Sanji, or any character in One Piece.

    Chapter 1: SANJI! OH MY GOD! WHERE?!

    "It's Saturday night!" I told my mom at 8:59 at night, turning the TV on.

    Mom smiled, "Oh, that show's on," I peeked through my fingers as the marine pulled the trigger of a handgun on Nami.

    "OH MY GOD! Mom, look!" I pointed to a blond-haired man in a tuxedo who was kicking the crap out of the marine.

    "Who's that?" She asked.

    "That, Mom, is Sanji, the coolest dude to ever show up on TV! He's my hero!" I declared. Mom laughed then left as I sat and eagerly watched my hero's every move.

    "How dare you shoot at Nami, you piece of crap?" Sanji stood bravely in front of the marine. Sanji was bleeding from the bullet in his shoulder. Nami was behind him.

    She gasped. "Sanji! Your shoulder!"

    "It's fine, Nami. Go find Luffy and Moss Head. Usopp, Chopper, and Robin are already safe on the ship. We gotta get off this island." Sanji groaned, holding his side in pain. His rib was broken. Nami ran to find the others. I watched in stunned silence as the blond fought valiantly. After that, Nami and the rest of the crew got to Sanji.

    "Gum-gum Pistol!" Luffy flung the marines back. Sanji jumped on the ship.

    "If only I could meet Sanji!" I exclaimed.

    Sanji smiled in the TV screen and grabbed my hand. Next thing I know, I'm standing on deck, the crew grinning at me save for Zolo who was sleeping."Hello, my name is Sanji. My beautiful flower, may I have the plesure of knowing your's?"

    I stared at my hero in shock. I was actually meeting him! "My name is Kira." I manged to say.

    "Ah, Kira, what a perfect name." Sanji kissed my hand while heart eyes.

    I laughed, "I love your heart eyes." Sanji grinned. Luffy walked up to me.

    "My name is Luffy." The rubber boy streached his right lip. "I'm a rubber man!" I acted surprised though I knew everyone. Everybody introduced themselves. Zolo was still snoring away.

    I pinched his nose. "WHAT THE-!" He snorted awake. I grinned at him. "Who's her?" Zolo asked, pointing to me.

    "I'm Kira, your worst nightmare. Nice to meet you." I smiled innocently. I handed him a list. "160 ways to annoy you! I made 'em myself!"

    "Somebody hand me my swords!" Zolo yelled, tearing up the list.

    I laughed, "I have copies, Fugus Man!"

    "Zolo! You can't kill our newst nakama!" Luffy cried. "Kira, join my crew!"

    I pulled out my harmonica and blew a note. "Yes sir, Luffy!"

    "A musician?! Yea!" Luffy shouted. "Play a song!"

    I smiled and played 'When the saints go marching in'.

    This was going to be fun!


    Author's note: Woohoo! First chapter done! Please, please review! Each reviewer gets a chocolate bunny! Also, Kira isn't my real name. My real name is Kerri, but Kira is what I wish my name was!